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h1 is Recruiting

October 1, 2010

We are looking for someone to join our Team. Due to the success of iQuote and other projects that we are working on: is expanding. The requirement is for a Web Developer/DBA to work on our SAAS eCommerce projects. That person needs to have capabilities around ASP (.NET even better !), SQL Server, XML (ideally), general scripting, Active Directory, Security, CSS, Javascript and general website “ability”.

Working on projects such as iQuote is both challenging and rewarding. If you are interested or know someone who may be interested simply email:


XML Pricing for iQuote

January 4, 2010

iQuote now supports XML pricing. It’s good to start 2010 with a major enhancement to iQuote albeit one that iQuote users will hardly notice. To date with iQuote we’ve operated with a FTP feed for pricing and then dealt with margin or discounts either through the margin control function or through a discount matrix. It works OK but it’s a little manual for our customers so XML was the direction they wanted us to go in.

As of 4th Jan 2010 iQuote can now support both FTP price files and XML. We prefer XML as it enables our customers to offer iQuote out to their customers really quickly and easily. There’s more flexibility too so if margin levels differ within a portfolio iQuote will display the correct price without having to manually adjust margin levels.

We’ve worked particularly hard on performance with XML. iQuote users are used to really fast operation and XML can be a performance trade-off. So we have almost no degradation in performance and yet are offering real-time pricing.

As well as pricing we can take stock feeds over XML too. We still take a FTP feed alongside the XML feed as we can get Due Dates, Due Quantities, Package Weights and Customer Part Numbers that way.

Happy New Year from all at & iQuote.