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Retirement of HP Inc. “Swift for Printers”

October 1, 2015

iQuote Feature.

channelcentral announces the retirement of Swift for Printers in iQuote.

Swift for Printers was a feature available in certain iQuote instances that provided lookup of printer models by specification, and lookup of printer supplies by printer model.  This feature did not support the inclusion of printer products on quotes created in iQuote.

Due to low usage and a refocus on higher-demand features, Swift for Printers has now been retired.  General support for quoting printers will be evaluated by HP Inc. for future inclusion in iQuote.

iQuote weekly quote volume continues to grow! Watch this space and our other social media Channels for more exciting news on new products and features in iQuote, coming soon.

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Note:- This announcement does not affect / apply to HP Inc. printer products contained within the iQuote SBSO Programme (available only in EMEA).


New iQuote feature – Swift for Printers

August 31, 2011

One of the most popular recent additions to iQuote is ‘Swift’. We believe it is the fastest way for IT Sales to generate pricelists for their customers.

Now, due to popular demand, we have launched a new tool called Swift for Printers. As the name suggests, it applies the methodology of iQuote Swift to HP’s Printer portfolio. Simply search for a printer (by part number or description), select the model you’re interested in, and click to view a complete list of compatible options and consumables in seconds – including your Availability and Pricing. It’s only one more click to export the complete list to a CSV (Excel-compatible) file. It includes discontinued printers but for current printers we also provide a Specification Table and the stock/price of the printer.

Give Swift for Printers a try today! As usual let us know what you think; and watch out for more IPG innovations on iQuote soon.


iQuote Store Services–Compatibility

April 19, 2011

Live now: a new version with great new features. Any iQuote Host (Distributors normally) or Clone (Resellers that have a full iQuote service provided by a Distributor) automatically have access to iQuote Store Services. The first service: Compatibility is available for ISS System Units and provides Options (and Care Packs) supported by System Unit. It was launched two weeks ago but this new version has:

  1. Categories (e.g. Memory, Hardware Support, Hard Disk Drives).
  2. A popularity ranking within each Category.

So HP’s channel can use this data to populate their own ERP Systems and eCommerce solutions but now apply quote activity to maximise the benefit.

iQuote Store Services are 100% free as part of iQuote. SWDc inclusion is planned. There are no plans to include PSG or IPG at this time.


Introducing iQuote Store Services

April 11, 2011

Now iQuote can help you maintain and optimise your online store. has launched a new service to customers which provides compatibility information (options against systems) in a format that can be used to populate their ERP and eCommerce systems. Initially it is available for ISS (ProLiant) systems in the UK & IE and only lists options that have been quoted at least once within the UK. It will be opened up to other product areas and locations. Ultimately it will be a fully configurable web service to allow customers to subscribe to the data as they would like it.

The iQuote Store Service is free and can be accessed by any iQuote Host or (Reseller) Clone through the standard Management link. Resellers that access iQuote through a Distributor Store don’t have access directly so should speak to their Distributor.

The plan with iQuote Store Services is to take feedback from customers and then expand the offering.


iQuote Swift a hidden gem

February 15, 2011

iQuote customers that use iQuote Swift are using it a lot. So why are so many iQuote users not using it at all? We are seeing polarisation with iQuote Swift utilisation and so this Blog is just to remind people that it exists.

There are two versions of iQuote Swift both accessible via a single link on the menu:

  1. The first version you see allows you to enter a system unit part number, a margin figure and then produce a list of supported products (in stock only or all items) to export to CSV in seconds. Really useful for pre-quote preparation and tender responses.
  2. The second version allows iQuote users to take a random list of HP (and in some cases Microsoft) part numbers, paste them in and generate a stock and price list with descriptions and even HP PL Codes on the export. Aimed at bulk buyers in channel but useful for other requirements. It will handle 100 or more SKUs.

So please have a go at using iQuote Swift it really is awesome and once you start to use it you’ll be hooked we’re sure.


iQuote Swift v2 Live

December 17, 2010

Great for consolidated buyers! iQuote Swift version 1 allowed iQuote users to enter a system unit part number and generate a price/stock list along with PL Code, categorisation and description for all supported options. iQuote Swift v2 builds on that and addresses a different requirement. If you have a list of unrelated parts and you want to turn that into a Price List with availability, PL Code, categorisation and description then you’ll love iQuote Swift v2. That’s what it does.

A picture says a thousand words so here’s what it looks like when these parts are pasted in (it can handle many, many parts):



iQuote Swift version 1.1

November 2, 2010

A couple of modifications for iQuote Swift. Margin control and a new location for the CSV export button warrant a new version number. Early demonstrations of iQuote Swift have been really well received proving that it addresses a real-life Channel sales issue. So don’t be shy, press the link, enter a system unit part number, margin and see what happens.