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Fast and Faster

January 23, 2015

12G SAS.

Only as fast as the slowest component – this has always been the mantra of IT systems. HP now has 12G SAS available across its range of server and storage products. The 12G interface essentially doubles performance over existing 6G solutions. Both HP SSD and 15K HDD benefit from this blisteringly fast performance.


What is Memristor?

December 8, 2014

Not quite as exciting as a new Transformer, but almost!

Memristor is a tech term that you will hear more over the next couple of years from HP. Faster than DRAM with the permanence of Flash and the storage density greater than disk. Could it be used as storage or memory? The answer to both is yes! Amazing though it sounds, swapping IONs at the atomic level will facilitate the creation of multi TB of storage that is no bigger than 3 stacked Smartphones. Watch this space.

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Fiber, fibre and OM4!

November 12, 2014

What’s the difference?
The words Fiber and Fibre are often swapped, most people assume that it is American versus UK spelling, but that is wrong. Fiber is actually the Fiber optic cable whereas Fibre is a generic term to describe the Fabric, which can include both Fiber and Copper technology that links your storage, switches and servers.

OM stands for Optical Multi-mode (multiple rays of light simultaneously) and the 4 refers to the latest version that can extend communications up to 300 meters at 10 Gb/s.


VSA Dark Arts demystified (and free)

September 24, 2014

With HP Gen9 servers you now get 1TB of free Virtual Storage Appliance, and better still, it sets itself up for you! HP servers have a great feature called “Intelligent Provisioning”, when you use this wizard to setup your VMware or Hyper-V server it will ask if you want to install the VSA software too.  VSA is just the ticket to have shared storage.


Gold and Platinum Power Supplies

August 21, 2014

What’s the difference?

HP offer Gold and Platinum Common Slot Power Supplies for servers. Have you ever wondered what the difference is? Yes, the Platinums are more power-efficient but it goes a lot further than that!

HP Intelligent Power Distribution Units use HP Power Discovery Services to automatically track new server and storage installations for devices which have Platinum*, Platinum Plus or Titanium power supplies installed. The power supplies automatically provide identification information such as server name, Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) number, and IP address to the iPDU.

Next time your client wants an HP rack solution don’t forget to upsell Intelligent Power Supplies with the HP Intelligent Power Distribution Unit.

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* Some Platinum power supplies do not support HP Power Discovery Services; these have a black power socket rather than blue. By using HP iQuote you can be sure which PSUs support HP Power Discovery Services.


The storage ARRAY is dead, long live the storage ARRAY

June 2, 2014

msa_1040The newly released MS 1040 is the successor to the P2000 range. The MSA 1040 builds upon the heritage of HP storage arrays. As a replacement for the P2000 the MSA 1040 has 50% more performance and is factory configured dual controller array with either 1GbE iSCSI, 10 GbE iSCSI or 8Gb Fibre Channel.  Each MSA 1040 has 4 ports (two per controller).  It has 2X the controller cache, and faster processors than the P2000.

Did you know? The MSA 1040 can have a maximum of three disk enclosures (3); consisting of MSA 2040 LFF disk enclosures and/or D2700 SFF disk and that can equate to 48 LFF or 99 SFF drives!

For more information on MSA 1040 have a look here:

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