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Which SSD is for you?

January 26, 2015

HP Enterprise SSDs are available in four categories based on their endurance: performance, mainstream, light, and value. The Drive Writes Per Day (DWPD) that you can expect from the drive determine which you should pick. To keep it simple, take the SSD drive capacity and estimate the times that, that drive capacity will be re-written every day and then round this up to match one of the following:
25 = Performance
10 = Mainstream
1-3 =Light
<1 = Value

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Once written it can’t be overwritten!

November 4, 2014

The Program Erase Cycle.

It is true that once a block of data has been written to a Flash drive that it can’t be overwritten, it must be erased first before it can be written to again. This sequence of writing, erasing, and then writing again is known as the Program/Erase cycle. The Program/Erase cycle can serve as a criterion for quantifying the endurance of a flash storage device, it also has another name – Write endurance.

HP Enterprise SSDs are available in four categories based on their Write endurance: Performance, Mainstream, Light, and Value. Choosing which is right for you is generally based on the ‘typical workload’, that is the type of use i.e. high read / write applications require Performance, mixed read / write applications for Mainstream or Light and high read / low write applications for Value.


SSD: Do more with less

September 26, 2014

Get the best out of your investment. HP Solid State drives can deliver over 60X the random read performance of 15K SAS hard drives! Do more with less, as a single drive can provide more performance than several hard drives. To get the best performance from your SSD investment, check that your HP ARRAY controller supports HP SSD Smart Path.