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iQuote Shopping List Technical Bulletin

January 10, 2011

New version of Shopping List is live. Unlike most iQuote updates, where new products or features are announced, this “Technical Bulletin” is to advise iQuote Host Distributors who were experiencing intermittent timeouts with Shopping List that the new version is live and sorts this issue. Apologies if you had any issues; it impacted about 4 Distis.


iQuote Copy/Paste Table Shopping List Function Hits the Mark

June 10, 2010

iQuote’s Copy/Paste Table version of Shopping List is now the default view due to its popularity with iQuote Users. The ability to paste shopping lists of parts and quantities, validate and price them in moments rather than (lots of) minutes adds to iQuote’s ever-increasing ROI! Not only does this function save time, it improves the accuracy of orders being processed as information is transferred directly from source to source (so no keying errors). You can still use the old form input via a link from the Shopping List page.

Many changes to the iQuote system are prompted through user feedback. We appreciate all your feedback: the easiest way to leave it is through the omni-present Feedback function at the bottom of the iQuote page.