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What is your Quote-to-Order Strategy?

December 9, 2014

Do you even have one? So many of our customers are stuck in the same old processes they have used for years, but now is the time to change.

Why is a Quote-to-Order Strategy important?

Being experienced in the channel, channelcentral gets many requests for help to improve efficiencies in Distribution for configuring complex products but very few of our customers actually know the answer to the question we are asking today. It’s because they don’t have a strategy. By putting one in place however, you will instantly see the positive impact it can have on your business:

  • Consistent approach so staff and customers have set expectations.
  • Improved accuracy – quote it Right, First Time!
  • Improved Security – Less risk of losing data as quotes are stored in the cloud.
  • Improved product information.
  • Instant growth in the number of quotations.
  • Reduced overheads.
  • Faster quote turnaround time.
  • Ability to quote anywhere either through your browser or a Smartphone App.
  • Increase in revenue!

Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it?! The great news is, it really is quite simple.
By considering a Configure/ Price/ Quote (CPQ) service as part of your Quote-to-Order Strategy you could be reaping the rewards sooner than you think. Why not contact channelcentral today to discuss your strategy and how we can help with a cost effective solution?



QuoteWerks and HP iQuote in Action

March 13, 2012

Check out this awesome video from QuoteWerks showing how simple it is to import HP iQuote quotations into their environment. Pasting our custom XML or using the Quote ID importer couldn’t be simpler.

HP iQuote and QuoteWerks together

iQuote Hints and Tips: Saved Quote Management

August 16, 2010

Re-Price/Re-Stock/Re-Promo a Quote in 5 Seconds with iQuote. We understand that many iQuote Users don’t save all of their quotes but we think that for many it is worth doing. You can retrieve them off the Saved Quotes Menu and if you use the Load/Edit button (see graphic) iQuote will check pricing against current price versus price when saved. You can ignore the price changes or single click to apply the new prices. iQuote also looks for promotions that have ended and will prompt you to update to current promotions in most instances. Plus it will apply the latest stock figures – all in about 5 seconds.

It’s a very useful function and major timesaver for Sales. If you want to preserve the original saved quote then use the Launch as Copy function.

The team here at iQuote wants you to get the best out of iQuote so look out for other iQuote Hints and Tips on our Blog that show you how to save time and be more productive.


iQuote Hints & Tips: iQuote Templates

August 12, 2010

Save Quotes to use as Templates and Save Time !

iQuote Templates
iQuote Users will be pleased to discover that you don’t need to start from scratch every time you want to build a New Quote. Take your favourite configurations for your favourite systems and just Save them. Saved Quotes don’t count towards deal pipeline information so you can have as many as you like.

You’ve always been able to re-open a quote, instantly re-price it and check for promotions that have changed. Recently we added a new grey button (see graphic) called “Launch as Copy” which opens a new quote, based on this quote but leaves the template intact. It’s really powerful.

The team here want users to get the best out of iQuote. Look out for our Hints and Tips on this Blog to find ways to become more productive.