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Lots of new product families are now live in iQuote

November 27, 2012

Major HP PPS portfolio refresh. We have been working extremely hard to make all the new families available in HP iQuote, and in recent weeks the following products have made their appearance in iQuote:

  • Elite 8300 and 8300 All-in-One
  • 6300 Pro and 6300 Pro All-in-On
  • 6305 Pro
  • EliteBook 9470w
  • ProBook 4440s / 4540s
  • ProBook 6465b / 6470b / 6475b
  • 650 and 655 Notebook

Coming soon Spectre XT, Mini 1104, 4300 AiOs. If you ever need families (ranges) or models to be visible in HP iQuote just use the Feedback Form. Thank you.


HP PPS (PSG) Range/Family Launches

November 5, 2012

A number of new products launching in HP iQuote. We’ve not been keeping you informed of new product introductions in HP iQuote as we should be. Just a note to inform you that we’ve recently added the following:

  • P Series Notebooks: 8470p, 8570p, 2170p, 2570p
  • W Series Notebooks: 8470w, 8570w, 8770w

And we’re not done with a stack of new Families/Ranges coming soon.


HP iQuote PPS Finder Improved – Again

July 30, 2012

We’ve put live some further changes to the PPS System Finder in HP iQuote. We think they make the process of finding the right Desktop, Workstation or Laptop even easier.

  • You can now select multiple different values against Hard Disks, Memory or Form Factor – so if you want a Desktop with 4GB or 8GB of RAM, and a 160GB or 250GB Solid State Drive, four clicks will get you there.
  • If you absolutely need the highest performance machines, there is now a single-click filter to see HP Workstations only
  • On instances of HP iQuote that feature stock, System Finder results now include the actual inventory numbers, instead of true/false

HP iQuote for PSG is growing

July 7, 2011

June 2011 saw our busiest iQuote Distributor in the UK quote more PSG Systems than ESSN Systems. Based on Exported System Quantity more systems were quoted for the HP PSG portfolio than HP ESSN. There were more HP ESSN quotes by far but this is an interesting trend.

At the same time the number of PSG Systems in iQuote, across USA and Europe has also increased hugely as we keep pace with the fast-moving product lifecycles for Notebooks, Desktops and Workstations. Around 100 new systems have been added this week alone.


Elite 8200 now available in iQuote

May 9, 2011

You can now quote the Elite 8200 Desktop Range in iQuote (SFF, MT, CMT live). The HP Compaq 8200 Elite Series incorporates the newest business PC technology with HP’s designs, and specific programs and services created for business including stable and lengthy lifecycles, and security and remote management solutions.

There is an HP Elite Series form factor to fit your workspace and performance requirements. Choose the Ultra-Slim Desktop (coming soon to iQuote) with flexible mounting options, Small Form Factor, Microtower, or Convertible Minitower for the most expansion flexibility.

8200 elite

EMEA Models:

  • QN088AW, QN088AW, QN089AW, QN089AW, QN090AW, QN090AW, QN091AW, QN091AW
  • XY129EA, XY130EA, XY132EA, XY133EA, XY135EA, XY136EA
  • XY149ET, XY146ET, XY151ET, XY150ET, XY142ET, XY141ET

US Models:

  • LA006UT, LA007UT, LA008UT, XZ790UT, XZ791UT, XZ792UT, XZ793UT, XZ794UT, XZ795UT, XZ796UT, XZ797UT, XZ798UT
  • QN088AW, QN089AW, QN090AW, QN091AW

6200 Pro now available in iQuote

May 6, 2011

Many new models available to quote now for US and European PSG iQuote Users. The HP Compaq 6200 Pro includes proven PC modules and components designed to rigorous business PC standards. Delivered in two familiar form factors (Small Form Factor and Mini Tower), the 6200 Pro Series will satisfy most everyday business computing requirements.

US Models:

  • QN084AW, QN081AW, QN086AW, QN087AW
  • XZ809UA
  • LA059UT, LA060UT, LA061UT, LA062UT, LA063UT, LA064UT, LA067UT, LA068UT

EMEA Models:

  • QN081AW, QN084AW, QN086AW, QN087AW
  • XY099EA, XY100EA, XY101EA, XY102EA, XY103EA, XY104EA, XY105EA, XY106EA
  • XY112ET, XY110ET, XY109ET, XY107ET

iQuote New Range: HP Elite 7200 MicroTower

March 31, 2011

You can now quote the HP Elite 7200 MicroTower on iQuote.

The HP Elite 7200 comes with the latest technology from Intel to deliver a premium mix of powerful performance, useful features and flexibility.

Intel’s latest-generation of processors and Intel® H67 Express Chipset represent the next step in faster, multi-core technology that intelligently maximizes performance to match your workload. The HP Elite 7200 uses the Intel® Core™ processor ranging from i3-2120 to i7-2600.

System units available in iQuote already:

XT214EA (UK, IE, S Africa)
XT217EA (S Africa)


iQuote New PSG Range: HP Compaq 315eu MicroTower

March 30, 2011

The HP Compaq 315eu MicroTower available to quote now…in iQuote!

The sleek Compaq 315eu MT with Windows 7 and an AMD Athlon II X2 Processor is powerful enough to be used right out of the box yet also offers great expandability.

New Models Added:
XF917EA (S Africa)
XF918EA (S Africa)
XT348EA (S Africa)
XT366EA (S Africa)


HP ProBook 5320m now in iQuote

February 19, 2011

UK, Irish and South African iQuote users can now quote HP’s ProBook 5320m. According to HP:

“Style meets substance in this sleek HP ProBook 5320m Notebook PC that measures 2.35cm thin, features a 33.8cm (13.3in) diagonal HD display, and offers powerful performance at an affordable price.”

The first wave of System Units:




Mini 5103 now available in iQuote

February 17, 2011

US and European models added to iQuote. Maximize your mobility with the sleek, lightweight HP Mini 5103. Stay productive wherever you go with touch capabilities, flexible wireless options and a choice of productivity suites.

US Smart Buys

UK Top Value Model

South Africa Top Value Models

US Regular Models

European Regular Models