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Gold and Platinum Power Supplies

August 21, 2014

What’s the difference?

HP offer Gold and Platinum Common Slot Power Supplies for servers. Have you ever wondered what the difference is? Yes, the Platinums are more power-efficient but it goes a lot further than that!

HP Intelligent Power Distribution Units use HP Power Discovery Services to automatically track new server and storage installations for devices which have Platinum*, Platinum Plus or Titanium power supplies installed. The power supplies automatically provide identification information such as server name, Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) number, and IP address to the iPDU.

Next time your client wants an HP rack solution don’t forget to upsell Intelligent Power Supplies with the HP Intelligent Power Distribution Unit.

Are you using HP iQuote yet? If you want to Configure, Price and Quote HP Solutions with maximum efficiency contact your distributor today!

* Some Platinum power supplies do not support HP Power Discovery Services; these have a black power socket rather than blue. By using HP iQuote you can be sure which PSUs support HP Power Discovery Services.


HP iQuote v1.9: Power Sizing

April 2, 2012

As part of our 1·9 version release there is a new addition to Validation Checklist for HP ProLiant Servers. Power Sizing is an incredibly useful new function that calculates the Wattage draw of a ProLiant and its installed options on-the-fly. See the image below: the interface could not be simpler.

If the power draw of the Server exceeds the capacity of the Power Supply Unit (PSU) HP iQuote will error and suggest a higher capacity PSU. For Uninterruptable Power Supply sizing Wattage often equals VA (though local environment may need to be factored in).

Power Sizing

1.9 also saw a number of other improvements so look out for more Blog articles coming soon.


iQuote Reporting: New, Saved & Exported

January 8, 2010

Reporting is accessed from the Management View

iQuote Reporting:  New, Saved and Exported Quotes

Today we’d like to explain one of the features of the iQuote system: the iQuote Reporting function. There’s a lot of information that iQuote stores and can be used to manage the Sales pipeline and forecast. The more Sales Managers use the Reporting functions the more satisfied your organisation will be with iQuote. So to help you to understand  the information that we are providing here is an explanation of the terms we use:

New: every time a system is selected we record it. So this is always a higher amount in terms of volume of quotes. As it is not Saved we only record the event and the system unit. Often New Quotes aren’t saved as people are just using iQuote to look up an option or system attribute. This is perfectly normal behaviour especially in Distribution where verbal quotes are common. It is the truest indicator of utilisation.

Saved: if the user hits Save Quote we record it. This is stored as Quantity 1 due to the need to validate the options. So the value is understated as they may have sold 5 like systems.

Exported: user has saved and exported. The Export is the only true indicator of value of quotes as it records quantity of systems.

More information on iQuote:
The channelcentral team will do their upmost to provide Marketing information regularly on iQuote that will enhance your experience of the service. Throughout January and 2010 there will be regular updates via the blog so please come back ! For more information on iQuote do not hesitate to contact via one of the following mediums: Web Site:  Blog:
iQuote User Group on LinkedIn:


More on G6 Power Supply Units…

October 16, 2009

Power Sizer GraphicA handy prompt to the HP Power Sizer. We’ve added a link to the HP Power Sizer within the iQuote application (see graphic). This is set to appear once the user has added 4 or more options to a System Unit – so it becomes viewable from the actual quotation.

That could be 4 of the same option or 4 different options or combinations in between. A configuration is very unlikely to max out a Power Supply Unit with less than 4 options. Just a little handy prompt.


HP ProLiant G6 Power Supply Units (PSUs)

October 13, 2009

HP ProLiant G6 Power Supply Units now live on iQuote. Most of the HP ‘Top Value’ ProLiant G6s come supplied with either one or two 460W PSUs but offer 750W and 1200W PSUs as options. These can’t be mixed and matched. They can be run in single or redundant mode (matched pairs). So the rules are a little complicated however iQuote now handles this. It will warn the user if they add a different PSU that the pre-installed PSU needs to be removed and if they have mixed PSU sizes in error.

If a user is not sure whether they need to migrate from a 460W PSU to a larger PSU they must use the HP Power Sizer:

until iQuote has this capability integrated.


iQuote will have the Power

September 25, 2009

Groundwork for the Power Enhancements is well under way. We’re happy to report that we have made some major advances in this area. The objective is to be able to show an accurate power draw for a system in real-time. This will have many uses (including showing the user how to generate a greener quote) but the main drivers are to allow an iQuote user to accurately size a UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) and PSUs (Power Supply Units).

The PSU Sizing thing has become a particularly hot issue recently as we’ve already mentioned on this Blog. UPS Sizing has been around for decades. We feel that it is time consuming (and duplicated effort) to shell out of iQuote to use a separate tool (albeit a very good tool) to size power options and so we are working hard towards integrating them into iQuote. Once we’ve achieved this we’ll be able to provide single click option addition that we know users like. We’ll keep you posted.