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HP Care Pack Auto-Add Extended

June 27, 2011

Holland/Netherlands and Belgium now have HP Care Pack enabled. As part of an EMEA rollout of this feature these countries will get HP Care Pack Auto-Add. When a system is loaded iQuote adds the No.1 ranked Care Pack into the basket. It can be replaced by the User.

This follows a successful UK/IE pilot where HP has seen the Pitch Rate for Hardware Support increase through iQuote. Higher Pitch Rate can lead to an increase in Attach Rate.


New Feature: iQuote Activity Report

May 31, 2011

Improved reporting from the iQuote Management Page live now. Download a report on demand that provide a Monthly view (current and historic). See graphic below.

Quote Activity Report

The report includes unique Quote ID, Quote Name, Creator, Dates (started and edited), Status, Family Name (e.g. DL380 G7), Systems v Options (Pitch Rate) and Value. So it can be used for a variety of report requirements. Specific reports on certain option types (for example) are available on request.

If you run current month you get Month to Date. We’ll add a CSV export shortly although you can copy and paste it. Note: if you have iQuote integrated into your Web Store the report INCLUDES that activity. Distributors cannot view data from their Clones but Clones can view their own data.


iQuote Reporting Dashboard Changes

November 30, 2010

Management Users to get improved reporting. Eagle-eyed iQuote Management Users will already have noticed that there have been changes to the Reporting Dashboard. The most visible one is that global ‘pitch rate’ by HP Business Unit is now shown MTD and Last Month for easy comparison. Pitch rate is the number of times you quote a part number on a quote (per system). If your pitch rate improves it follows that your attach rate will improve and this is a key part of iQuote’s business case.

Also if you have internal users, resellers using your web store and even customer clones there has been no easy way of getting that information off the dashboard (although we can supply ad hoc reports). So now the Dashboard has been stripped back so that it only shows internal users and over the next few weeks we will be building on that to provide web store users if you have them and reseller clone users if you have them. Everything in a single view will be really powerful and a major simplification. Remember it’s all about the pitch rate !