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More HP ProLiant Options for HP iQuote

March 22, 2010

iQuote now offers more HP ProLiant options. Our stated aim is to handle as many server configurations in iQuote as possible without Sales needing to manually add options afterwards. With that in mind we have expanded the supported options to include Host Channel Adapters (aka Host Bus Adapters) for attaching Servers to Storage Area Networks. We’ve also added more UPSs to include larger UPS sizes.

If you are an HP iQuote user and you spot an option that you want to sell and it is NOT visible in iQuote please use the Feedback form at the bottom of your screen to tell us. Thanks from the channelcentral team.


New to iQuote: PCI Slot Optimisation

March 5, 2010

New to iQuote: PCI Slot Optimisation. The team here at is delighted to announce that we have gone live with our new iQuote PCI Slot Optimisation function for HP ProLiant servers. When a new PCI Controller is added, the system selects the most appropriate slot with iQuote being intelligent-enough to understand the slot hierarchy, and assigns cards to optimise performance. In simple speak, iQuote will handle any performance trade offs for you.

We have also extended the iQuote validation routine to cover the physical dimensions of the slots and cards in addition to the existing validation for quantity and slot specification. As with all of iQuote’s configuration rules this operates as a background task, so is true to our methodology: Sales don’t need to know the rules of a system to configure a system.

As a direct consequence of our PCI Slot Optimisation release we have increased the number of PCI Cards available in the HP ProLiant range to now include Array Controllers which will please many of our users. There is some follow-up work that we will undertake in March to help with cabling, support for riser cards, cache upgrades, SATA/SAS drive switching and internal vs. external port checking.

If you use our Desktop and Workstations iQuote service (HP PSG) we will be rolling-out PCI Slot Optimisation to these products in the near future.