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iQuote New Feature – Competitive Selector

December 19, 2017

A new and exciting feature has just been added to iQuote for Hewlett Packard Enterprise users. It is called the Competitive Selector and is designed for iQuote users to be able to compare like for like quotes. Let’s look at an example:

A customer tells their Account Manager that they have been quoted a DELL XXXX, and asks what HPE has to offer. The Account manager can go into iQuote and open up the Competitive Selector. Using the filters such as system type, form factor and product, iQuote can run an intelligent query to browse similar HPE products. The Account Manager will then be given a list of recommended HPE systems.


If users are looking to compare recommended products, there is an enhanced feature of the Competitive Selector called Key Selling Points. By hovering over the Key Selling Points button (visible when data is available) in Recommended HPE Systems, users will be presented with a list of the best features to aid with decision making:


It has never been easier to find and quote the right HPE solution. Login to iQuote today and see how much more HPE business you can win by using the Competitive Selector! Launch it from the Homepage:


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HP Storage Section now has Options Search

December 21, 2011

HP iQuote now has Options search enabled in the Storage section. This utility enables you to perform custom searches for options from within a quote. Users can now search for items in the HP Storage Section of HP iQuote through a part number(s) or word(s).

The search function for the HP Storage Section will save you time when building a quote as you don’t need to open up option categories and scroll through the part numbers. The options search will only display parts that are compatible with the system unit you’re quoting.


Options Search Tool Now Live on iQuote!

June 22, 2010

Today iQuote introduces a new tool, enabling you to perform custom searches for options from within a quote. Users can now search for items in iQuote through a list of part numbers or a set of keywords.

Option 1: search for a list of parts, e.g. “507720-B21, U4496E, 500656-B21”

  • iQuote returns details on all the valid parts you have entered, allowing you to add them to your quote in the normal way.
  • This is also a great way to check whether a particular part number works with the system unit you’re quoting – iQuote will let you know when a part you have chosen is incompatible with your system unit.
  • Sometimes you will be wanting to quote an option that doesn’t yet exist in iQuote (not common, but these things happen!). In that case iQuote will confirm the description to you but you won’t be able to add it to the quote. But all is not lost – our Support Team will be informed instantly, and will investigate and get back to you as soon as possible.

Option 2: search for keywords, e.g. “external SAS cable”

An extremely powerful feature – use it to find just about anything – by description, model name or technology.

  • Results are returned from multiple Option Categories; the category that has the highest average hit-rate is listed first.
  • All the search terms that iQuote can find are highlighted in the results, with Best Matches at the top.

iQuote is becoming more intelligent, giving Sales the knowledge and resources to build comprehensive quotes with minimal fuss. The search function will save you time, and build your sales confidence!