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Changes to EMEA Microsoft ROK Auto Add

March 5, 2013

HP iQuote now automatically offers Microsoft Windows Server 2012 versions against HP ProLiants. We’ve had this function for a while now based on older versions so this is just a refresh.

Windows Server 2012 a

Remember it’s easy to change from the default offering: just remove from the Basket/Cart and then browse or search for the full range of Microsoft Server Operating Systems from HP.

HP Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Auto Add only operates in EMEA.


Microsoft ROK Auto-Add Extended in Europe

January 31, 2012

BTO (A Model) Servers now have Microsoft ROK Auto-Add. As of February 1st 2012 the very popular Microsoft ROK Auto-Add function has been extended from Top Value/Golden Offers Servers to BTO (A Model) Servers.


The way Auto-Add in HP iQuote works is that the most appropriate or popular Microsoft Operating System is automatically added to the Basket/Cart. It can be removed and replaced really easily. It has been proven to increase the number of times these options are quoted per server (Pitch Rate). It operates in the following countries: UK, IE, FR, DE, IT, NL, BE, CY, ES, PT, NO, PL, SE, ZA.

If you have any feedback on this function, or any other HP iQuote function please use the Feedback Form within HP iQuote.


Microsoft ROK Operating System Auto-Add for HP Top Value Servers

March 25, 2011

When a new quote is started (either from Browsing Systems or Quick Launch) iQuote will add a Microsoft ROK OS to a Top Value Server in the UK and Ireland automatically.

The version of Microsoft Windows Server that is added depends on the range as follows:

HP ProLiant MicroServer: Microsoft Windows Server Foundation 2008
HP ProLiant ML110, 150, 330: Microsoft Windows Small Business Server (SBS) 2011
Everything else: Microsoft Windows Server Standard 2008

It is, of course possible to deselect the Operating System (i.e. remove it from the basket) to add something else. We hope that this new feature helps to increase your revenue and margin.