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Avoiding ‘Tax on Use’ in CPQ Billing

October 9, 2018

Lots of channelcentral’s competitors use a Software Licensing billing methodology: cost per seat usually. Some bill based on utilization: the more you use the tool, the more you pay. It’s proportionate. It’s fair. It’s also madness; here’s why:

• Customers don’t like variable costs, at all.
• If you, or your customer, is trying to promote the use of CPQ tools versus manual ways to provide quotations to customers then why tax on use?
• Does adding a customer, or processing a quote, cost a CPQ Company anything?
• Win/Win billing systems (e.g. taking a commission from orders) quickly turn into Lose/Win or Win/Lose.

From the outset channelcentral set out to avoid ‘Tax on Use’. An annual subscription covers the cost of the service and includes the license, hosting, support and IT integration services. It includes unlimited utilization by Employees and Customers. Those subscribers know exactly what they were going to pay for the contracted term. Customers like predictable costs.

The more the customer uses the CPQ Application the lower the cost per quote or transaction. If channelcentral improves the functionality of the CPQ Application, resulting in better results or greater utilization – the subscriber is getting ‘More for the Same’.

On a similar thread some of our competitors have different costs for different feature sets. This is a stealth tax – demanding higher costs for features that already exist and don’t really cost more to add. Having a fully inclusive service for a customer adds to the subscription feel and generates greater goodwill and loyalty.

channelcentral’s experience is that its subscription model promotes higher utilization and delivers better results, with less complexity than models that tax on use.


Annual Company Meeting #11

October 2, 2018

31st July 2018 saw channelcentral complete its 11th year of trading. Once the dust had settled on the Annual Accounts, we held a Company Meeting in our Tewkesbury Office for all staff. Aside from discussing the financial results and outlook it was an opportunity to welcome new starters, hand out some awards and review what our staff think of channelcentral via our annual Company Survey:

• In part due to “re-on-shoring” some of our Development function, our net headcount increase over the last 6 months is 8 heads. channelcentral has 33 Employees (including sub-contractors). 5 years ago that number was 10. Now we have 10 Developers!

• 5 of our 33 Employees either have been, or still are, Apprentices. Another 2 either have been, or are, Undergraduate Placements.

• Via our Company Survey we improved in almost all areas. 100% felt satisfied or very satisfied in their jobs.

We handed out awards to:

  • 5 employees who have reached 3 Years of Service.
  • 2 employees who have reached 5 Years of Service.
  • 1 employee who has reached 10 Years of Service, and has therefore earned a sabbatical.

This year’s award was themed “Snapchat Selfies”.

‘We would like to thank all of our customers, and key suppliers without whom we would not have succeeded thus far.’Tim Moyle CEO


Retirement of HP Inc. “Swift for Printers”

October 1, 2015

iQuote Feature.

channelcentral announces the retirement of Swift for Printers in iQuote.

Swift for Printers was a feature available in certain iQuote instances that provided lookup of printer models by specification, and lookup of printer supplies by printer model.  This feature did not support the inclusion of printer products on quotes created in iQuote.

Due to low usage and a refocus on higher-demand features, Swift for Printers has now been retired.  General support for quoting printers will be evaluated by HP Inc. for future inclusion in iQuote.

iQuote weekly quote volume continues to grow! Watch this space and our other social media Channels for more exciting news on new products and features in iQuote, coming soon.

image @iQuotechannel

image iQuote User Group

Note:- This announcement does not affect / apply to HP Inc. printer products contained within the iQuote SBSO Programme (available only in EMEA).


Join our HP iQuote Community!

December 4, 2014

Did you know HP iQuote Users have their own community on LinkedIn?

The LinkedIn HP iQuote User Group has been set-up as an online community for users of HP iQuote.

What is it for?

  • Product release updates – be the first to know availability!
  • Software updates – we’ll tell you about new features and how to make the most of them!
  • Knowing where to find us – we’ll update you on customer service news and where we’ll be demonstrating the latest software.
  • Discussions – we encourage all customers to have open discussions about the HP iQuote tool, new HP products, top tips etc.

Why should you join?

It’s quite simple really… You can be the first to know all things ‘HP iQuote’!

Join today at:


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HP iQuote User Group on LinkedIn

January 24, 2013

A reminder that we’ve got a Private Group on LinkedIn. If you are interested in getting proactive notification of our Blog articles or getting pre-release information please visit:

Private Group means that members have to be approved. This allows us to maintain a community of people interested in the HP iQuote service. Currently just under 150 people are members of this group.


We also have a Twitter Account:

and a Blog:


Calling all LinkedIn iQuote User Group Members

September 15, 2010

Spread the word by inviting colleagues, customers and partners to the iQuote User Group on LinkedIn. We’ve enabled a new LinkedIn function that allows Members of the Group to send invitations to people.

The iQuote User Group is a growing community of people interested in iQuote. Users can read, discuss and contribute on articles and news related to iQuote. This group also allows people to opt in to email communications and we feel this is less invasive than broadcast emails.

We look to spread the word on iQuote as much as possible, but your recommendations are extremely valuable! We’re also on Twitter: hpiquote.


The LinkedIn iQuote User Group now has 50 Members

August 25, 2010

Meet, discuss, contribute and get feature previews on LinkedIn – daily. Opt in for email alerts (we never SPAM here !!). At we recognise the power of LinkedIn: a great vehicle to spread news on iQuote. The iQuote LinkedIn group has now attracted 50 members, in cricket terms we have hit a half century! What we want now is to attract more members and work our way to a century of members! Feel free to join the iQuote User Group on LinkedIn, 50 members already love it and we are sure you will too!

To find us on LinkedIn simply search iQuote, or follow this link to join:

The iQuote User Group on LinkedIn is available to HP and its partners.