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iQuote No-IT Webinars

May 23, 2011

HP and channelcentral are running regular iQuote No-IT Webinars. If you are interested in getting access to HP iQuote for free and with no IT integration required please attend one of our Webinars. Send an email to:

For more information on iQuote No-IT please click here:

Or if you just want to apply for iQuote No-IT
and complete the form.


iQuote No-IT

April 19, 2011

From May 2011 any authorised HP Distributor in EMEA can have iQuote…instantly. We’ve called it iQuote No-IT because there is no requirement for IT Development for the Host (usually a Distributor but could be a Reseller). That means it can be set up really quickly – within a few days. It also means that the decision to use iQuote can be made by Sales/Marketing (aka The Business) alone, as iQuote is a Cloud-like application.

Free also means free. There is no cost for iQuote No-IT whatsoever, no contract needed or a PO. The request just needs to be approved by HP.

There are a few differences between iQuote No-IT and iQuote (classic). iQuote No-IT:

  1. Supports internal users only.
  2. Does not display the Host’s stock levels.
  3. Shows List Pricing only (no actual buy price and no promotional pricing).

Apart from that it’s fully functional with Management Console, Unlimited Users/Usage, Export, Swift, Shopping List, Solution Builder etc.

If you are interested in iQuote No-IT please visit