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HP Storage Advertising Campaign

June 29, 2011

Look out for a series of advertisements in iQuote to help drive your HP Storage Number UP. Live now: a Tape Drive attach advert (see below).


Simply quoting a Backup Device can increase your deal size and margin. These Banner Adverts are in place to provide you with a memory prompt but also with this advert click it to show compatible options within a quote. Simple.

We’ll be adding new HP Storage adverts in July around the presence of HP Storage systems in iQuote and how EASY they are to quote, but also how P4000 can add value to VMware implementations.


HP List Price Support in iQuote

June 27, 2011

iQuote extends support for HP List Price. As well as showing actual buy price iQuote can also handle HP List Price. A number of iQuote users have asked us to include List Price in the export. Possible reasons: bid requests, indicative pricing for End Users. It’s also important for some promotions such as HP Avalanche that are List Price based. Anyway, it’s in iQuote and now it can also be viewed on the Excel Export as an additional column.


Also added to iQuote Export: Validation Notes

June 27, 2011

Another popular request from our customers: Validation Notes have been added to the iQuote Excel Export. If you use the Excel Export you’ll notice Validation Notes are replicated from the on-screen version in iQuote onto the output. They tell you if there are any warnings or trade-offs present with the quote you have created. For example, if a Server is Diskless and the customer has not requested Hard Disk Drives the Export will now state: WARNING: You should install at least one Hard Disk. It’s a “soft” warning as it is possible the customer has Hard Disk Drives already or is using a different boot device.

The aim of the Validation Checklist is to improve customer satisfaction and now the Validation Notes are on the Export this will improve overall quality. How they appear in Excel:


iQuote Exports now include the Date

June 23, 2011

A number of HP Partners requested this so we have now added a new “Date Stamp” feature to iQuote. If you use the Excel Export you’ll notice a new row that shows the Date the Quote was Exported. This should save time when trying to match a quote your customer has with your copy in iQuote. It also means that your own Terms and Conditions are easier to enforce: if your terms are 7 Days or End of Month for quote validity the Export shows the date of export to you and the customer. So better all round Quality.


HP iQuote is spreading…

June 22, 2011

The Geographical Coverage of iQuote is growing. Several countries are going live including: France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Nigeria and Egypt. Demand for HP iQuote is increasing due in part to the launch of iQuote No-IT allowing HP Authorised Distributors to get a FREE, Instant On version of iQuote. However, we are also seeing huge demand for our full iQuote service and we are working on a number of Store implementations.

For the French and German versions of iQuote, they will be going live in their native languages. Support for other languages will be extended in 2011. This will make it both easier and more accessible for Sales & Customers to use iQuote.

Information on iQuote Utilisation Growth:

Information on iQuote No-IT:


iQuote Clone Info on Dashboard

June 22, 2011

Distributors that provide Resellers with iQuote via the iQuote Clone Service get real-time reports in iQuote. From the Management Page Management Users can view the following information for each Clone in a simple table:

  1. Margin by HP Business Unit.
  2. Total Users and Active Users (last 3 months).
  3. Quotes generated MTD and last month.

Clone Mgmt

We’ll be extending this function in the near future to allow Distributors to create new Clones.


iQuote Utilisation On The Up

June 16, 2011

Volume of users and new quotes reach new heights. Although not the only metrics that are important, volume of users and quotes is a good indication of iQuote’s appeal.

June 2011 has seen unprecedented use:

  • On the 8th of June the number of users that generated quotes in iQuote in a week hit the 400 barrier for the first time and by the 15th of June this reached 459 users in a week.
  • In May we peaked at 3240 quotes in a week which was a record. In June we’ve peaked at 3411 quotes in a week (so far). On the 14th of June we saw 762 quotes in a day – a record.

In the last 6 months we’ve doubled the users and trebled the new quote count. We’d like to thank our Distributors, Resellers and End Users for using iQuote. We’d also like to thank HP for their awesome support especially the Worldwide ISS SMB Team.


Servers Plus launches iQuote for End Users

June 16, 2011

A Worldwide first for UK-based Online Reseller. We’re delighted to announce that iQuote is now available to End Users for the first time through Servers Plus. Any logged-in Servers Plus user can link to iQuote and generate quotes and price lists for HP ProLiant Servers, HP Storage Systems as well as HP Notebooks, Desktops and Workstations from the HP PSG Business Unit.

Servers Plus is a HP Preferred Partner (2011) and has a strong online presence at Now their customers can build quotations in iQuote viewing their buy price, pass an order back to Servers Plus, add products or services and then checkout. This will dramatically improve ease of business for Servers Plus customers when buying HP solutions.


iQuote: now with HP Branding

June 1, 2011

Today has seen the initial release of HP Branded iQuote. If iQuote customers and users needed a clear indication of the relationship between HP and iQuote you now have it. Early feedback is that iQuote looks cleaner and tighter. There are a few pages left to re-brand but we hope you enjoy the new iQuote look and feel.

Functionally it’s identical which is great news as there is no additional learning required to use it. We always welcome feedback – use the Feedback Form on the iQuote footer.


iQuote No-IT Webinars

May 23, 2011

HP and channelcentral are running regular iQuote No-IT Webinars. If you are interested in getting access to HP iQuote for free and with no IT integration required please attend one of our Webinars. Send an email to:

For more information on iQuote No-IT please click here:

Or if you just want to apply for iQuote No-IT
and complete the form.