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Improved Range Menu Labels in HP iQuote

December 22, 2011

Improvements to the Range Labels in the Menu for System Units make it easier to locate products. Now the first column on the Systems Menu page is wide enough to accommodate longer family names like “8200 Elite All-in-One” – better than an abbreviation “8200 AiO”.


We Wish You Happy Holidays and…

December 21, 2011

…there is a full HP iQuote service over the Holiday Season.

We wish all of our HP iQuote users and partners a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and a profitable 2012. We’ve made countless improvements to HP iQuote this year and there are more to come with the introduction of iQuote 2.0 which will be available in the first half of CY 2012. There will also be new products arriving and major improvements to the way we present HP Networking products.

2011: a growth year
HP iQuote grew from 1200 Quotes per Week to 3600 in 2011 thanks to our users. We added Printers and Storage products to the Servers, Notebooks, Desktops and Workstations. We also added 5 new languages: German, French, Turkish, Italian and Spanish.

Here’s to 2012…


Improvements on HP iQuote for HP Rack and Power

December 1, 2011

There is now a comprehensive selection of HP Rack and Power products available for you to choose from in HP iQuote. To make it even easier for you to quote these products there is now a dedicated Option Category. We have also sub-categorised them in line with HP standards. This change to HP Rack and Power has been made to ALL HP iQuote Instances.

The screen shot above shows the top level categorisation. Note that Power Supply will move from Chassis to Rack & Power in early December.


Coffee Coaching on HP iQuote on You Tube

November 10, 2011

Interested in what HP iQuote can offer your business? You can now view a features/benefits presentation on You Tube. Part of the HP Coffee Coaching series Greg Starks, HP SMB Solutions Program Manager, Industry Standard Servers explains HP iQuote in detail.


HP iQuote Utilisation Trebled

October 21, 2011

October 2011: record breaking volume of quotes. We have seen the weekly average quotes exceed 3600. To put this in context in October 2010 this figures was 1200. A BIG thanks to all of our HP iQuote Users.


Printer Finder new to HP iQuote

October 6, 2011

Printer Finder is a new feature that has been added to HP iQuote. Once logged in go to IPG Swift from the Banner Advert and there is a link to Printer Finder.

You first need to select the type of printer you are looking for. Your selection will then enable HP iQuote to filter out the printers and options that are not associated with the type of printer you have selected. For example, if you choose LaserJet, all Inkjet printers will be suppressed.

Then choose the printer attributes the customer wants:

As you go through the list and choose the options you want, iQuote will filter out the printers that do not contain the features that you have selected. It also shows you the number of Printers available so you don’t “over-filter”.

From this list, you can view the specifications for any of the printers (click the blue link):

View the Options either from the Spec Table (link at the bottom of the window) or using the orange button on the printer listing go directly to them:

The Unique Selling Point here is that all of the Printers/Options are shown with the Host’s Price and Inventory levels.

Current (initial) output for this is to a CSV file. Potential to provide an Excel export or, for those Hosts who offer HP iQuote via a Store, a Buy function. The plan is to extend this feature to PSG in the short-term and look at relevance to Servers, Storage & Networking products. Feedback always welcome – use the Feedback Form in HP iQuote or Tweet, Like, LinkedIn etc.


iQuote IPG Swift User Guide

September 13, 2011

Swift for printers on iQuote is so easy to use. If your Distributor or Reseller has IPG enabled a link will appear on the Home Page (Swift for Printers):

Once clicked you type in part of the Description or Part Number (e.g. MFP or C861) and then select from the list that appears – green circles denote current printers:

Current printers show Spec Table, price/stock of printer itself and a graphic – all Consumables/Care Packs with stock/price:

Discontinued printers will just show Consumables/Care Packs with stock/price:

Current “output” is CSV export but if there is demand we can fold in an “add a Basket/Kart” to allow a quote to be built (and sent as an Order to the Disti/Reseller) and maybe a full format Excel export and copy to clipboard etc.

From Home Page to results (if you know the part number) IPG Swift takes less than 5 seconds, CSV export 2 seconds.


Microsoft Windows MultiPoint Server 2011 now on iQuote

September 5, 2011

HP has launched Microsoft Windows MultiPoint Server as a ROK (Reseller Option Kit). The Premium version is already in iQuote for you to quote – here is the part number:

660489-B21  Windows MultiPoint Server 2011 Premium ROK

Really useful information can be located here:

About Microsoft Windows MultiPoint
It enables multiple local stations to be connected to one computer so that several users can share one computer at the same time, which enables each user to perform independent work or a group activity. Previous versions could only be purchased if you had access to education channels. Key benefits of Windows MultiPoint Server 2011 are as follows:

Broad Client Support:

  • Introduction of LAN option provides ability to connect PCs, thin clients, and network monitors.
  • Support for both low-cost locally created stations and conventional thin clients

Easiest Setup Management:

  • Day-to-day use designed for non-IT
  • Easy setup and system management
  • Domain join capability
  • Pros across multiple servers
  • Powershell and Hyper-V support for admins

Desktop Orchestration:

  • Rich set of built-in features enables administrator to easily monitor and control stations
  • Exercise command and control over the environment by monitoring and interacting with station thumbnails

ISV Extensibility:

  • Quick links to other applications can be set up in MultiPoint Manager
  • Shares the Windows Server Solutions SDK with Small Business Server 2011
  • Leverage existing controls or create from scratch with WPF

HP EMEA Version of iQuote Press Release

June 30, 2011

HP issued a localised version for EMEA. It’s not posted on but European journalists are reporting on it. For example:

The main difference between the EMEA and WW versions is that the HP quote is from a Florian Reithmeier, VP for Industry Standard Servers and Converged Infrastructure at HP EMEA, and the Distributors quoted are Westcoast and Ingram Micro.

If anyone would like either version in Word format please contact me via


iQuote and HP Storage Branding

June 29, 2011

iQuote has transitioned from HP StorageWorks to HP Storage. On June 6 the HP “master brand” has been adopted for HP Storage products. HP has removed the presence of StorageWorks from all of its existing materials. HP Storage is now the new division name, and the new portfolio descriptor is HP Storage. So within iQuote the name HP StorageWorks has been replaced with HP Storage.

According to HP
“This transformation comes as a result of a number of storage technologies brought together by HP – StorageWorks, LeftHand, IBRIX, 3PAR and HP Labs – by combining storage, server and networking innovations, HP is able to remove the use of the StorageWorks sub-brand and create one unified brand which will include all of these.”

More Information (video):

About HP Storage
Developed in response to the forces that are shaping today’s enterprises, and built on HP’s Converged Infrastructure, these solutions offer greater agility and efficiency than ever before; enabling organisations to optimize traditional IT environments, build new private and public clouds and transition to hybrid computing models.