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iQuote Save Quote Change

May 13, 2011

Now it’s possible to save a Quote in iQuote without having to provide a name for it. Just click the green Save icon and iQuote will save the quote, assign a unique Quote ID and other functions such as Margin and Export (and in the US in Microsoft Internet Explorer Copy to Clipboard) become available.

Saved quotes can be retrieved from iQuote to re-open or use as a Template (if re-opened they can be price/stock updated instantly). If you save without a name iQuote will create a Quote Name for you (e.g. DL180G6_110513123240).

We’d always recommend saving quotes and it takes seconds. Fewer seconds now as you don’t need to think of or enter a Quote Name.


UK Users: look out for the UPS Advert

May 13, 2011

Clicking it makes selling HP UPSs even easier. HP has developed a simple to use UPS Comparison tool and it’s available from iQuote. Look out for this advert, click on it, select the competitive product and HP’s UPS Comparison tool will show you the HP equivalent part number and bullet points as to why it is better.

Would you like to advertise in iQuote? If so please contact us via


iQuote Store Services–Compatibility

April 19, 2011

Live now: a new version with great new features. Any iQuote Host (Distributors normally) or Clone (Resellers that have a full iQuote service provided by a Distributor) automatically have access to iQuote Store Services. The first service: Compatibility is available for ISS System Units and provides Options (and Care Packs) supported by System Unit. It was launched two weeks ago but this new version has:

  1. Categories (e.g. Memory, Hardware Support, Hard Disk Drives).
  2. A popularity ranking within each Category.

So HP’s channel can use this data to populate their own ERP Systems and eCommerce solutions but now apply quote activity to maximise the benefit.

iQuote Store Services are 100% free as part of iQuote. SWDc inclusion is planned. There are no plans to include PSG or IPG at this time.


iQuote Option Filtering

April 18, 2011

Now iQuote can limit the display to Options that you provide a price for. At the start of April we Blogged about iQuote System Unit filtering:

Well now iQuote Hosts can request a global change to only show Options that they supply a price for. The benefit is that Distributor and Reseller Hosts can control the portfolio displayed and it can be quicker to locate options. However, switching this function on does mean that the iQuote Host must set up HP parts proactively.

To switch on Systems & Options Filtering please email


UK/IE Users: Avalanche Options Live

April 15, 2011

New HP Top Value “Book Pricing” is now live. At the start of April HP introduced Avalanche Options into Top Value and this is now available in iQuote. The way Avalanche works is that the more options you add the more you save. Avalanche qualifying options are highlighted in iQuote so you can select them easily and then they are displayed in the basket with a red star so you can flex up to get more discount.


The rebate is calculated as soon as you reach the entry threshold and then that is dynamic increased as you add more qualifying options. If you have any feedback on this new iQuote feature please use the Feedback Form in iQuote. We believe Avalanche Options is a brilliant solution to offering customers flexible bundle pricing.

Note: HP Max Qty has been removed from iQuote. Any saved quotes that are re-opened will revert to Avalanche Options pricing.


Introducing iQuote Store Services

April 11, 2011

Now iQuote can help you maintain and optimise your online store. has launched a new service to customers which provides compatibility information (options against systems) in a format that can be used to populate their ERP and eCommerce systems. Initially it is available for ISS (ProLiant) systems in the UK & IE and only lists options that have been quoted at least once within the UK. It will be opened up to other product areas and locations. Ultimately it will be a fully configurable web service to allow customers to subscribe to the data as they would like it.

The iQuote Store Service is free and can be accessed by any iQuote Host or (Reseller) Clone through the standard Management link. Resellers that access iQuote through a Distributor Store don’t have access directly so should speak to their Distributor.

The plan with iQuote Store Services is to take feedback from customers and then expand the offering.


Advertise in iQuote

March 31, 2011

Start advertising in iQuote today.

Distributors can advertise in iQuote and it’s really easy and cost-effective to do.

  • Distributors get up to 10 basic advertisements free per quarter.
  • Smart adverts we charge for, but they have more impact as they are aware of what is in the basket/cart.
  • Clicking an advert can link to a web site, to a page that we host in iQuote or it can launch a New Quote for a specific system.
  • The number of views and clicks can be measured.
  • iQuote is a great place to advertise, as messages will be displayed while the quote is being created.

If you are interested in advertising in iQuote please email or contact us via


New Smart Buy Option Icons in iQuote US

March 30, 2011

Locate Smart Buy Options easily in iQuote. We are rolling out a new feature for our US users. It’s a visual aid in iQuote that appears against Smart Buy (promotional) options as follows:

SB Options

Over the next couple of days we’ll ensure we have every Smart Buy option covered. Hopefully a major timesaver that also helps iQuote users to get to the best possible price for their customers.


Farewell Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 for iQuote

March 15, 2011

Supporting Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6 (IE6) is holding iQuote back. So from April 2011 we will no longer be officially supporting Microsoft IE6 and below, in line with advice from Microsoft. iQuote will still work – but you won’t be getting the best possible experience. We already know that very few users are still using IE6 so for most iQuote users there is no change.


iQuote Hint: remember QuickSpecs are linked

February 17, 2011

Save time if you need to refer to HP QuickSpecs for additional information.

A few months ago we added the QuickSpecs to the Table of Contents for HP systems. One of our iQuote Champions in UK Distribution commented how useful this was but how awareness was low amongst iQuote users. So here’s a reminder. You don’t need to search the web for a QuickSpec or open Product Bulletin, as you can link from iQuote directly to the correct QuickSpec PDF.