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iQuote Memory Slot Count Now Dynamic

August 8, 2011

An improved Memory Slot notification means more clarity for iQuote Users. Not a bug as such, more of a missing feature. iQuote shows the total memory slots and the number of slots occupied as standard. However with some systems the number of memory slots enabled depends on the quantity of processors installed. Users told us that they’d like the Total Memory Slots to update if a second processor is added. That now happens.

With 1 Processor:

Memory 1 CPU

With 2 Processors:

Memory 2 CPU


iQuote Pricing Modification

July 6, 2011

For sites that display List Price iQuote now shows the user. If your iQuote runs on HP List Price (like iQuote No-IT) or your store defaults to List Price if no price is provided by the Host iQuote now states List Price next to the price so there is no confusion. This graphic shows this new feature (grey italics after the price).



iQuote Integrated Mode Improvement

June 29, 2011

Now customers can “buy” more quickly. If you have iQuote integrated into your Web Shop/Store your customer used to have to Save the Quote to view the so-called “Buy Button” – the function that sends the user back to the Host together with their list of parts/prices. We call this Send To Host.


Now all your customers have to do is add at least one option attached to the System Unit and the Send to Host button appears. The quote is auto-saved as part of the process. In many instances the button appears when a quote is started as Auto-Add is adding a Care Pack or Microsoft ROK.

This was done in response to customer requests. It makes sense as it is clear that this function exists early in the user experience.


Also added to iQuote Export: Validation Notes

June 27, 2011

Another popular request from our customers: Validation Notes have been added to the iQuote Excel Export. If you use the Excel Export you’ll notice Validation Notes are replicated from the on-screen version in iQuote onto the output. They tell you if there are any warnings or trade-offs present with the quote you have created. For example, if a Server is Diskless and the customer has not requested Hard Disk Drives the Export will now state: WARNING: You should install at least one Hard Disk. It’s a “soft” warning as it is possible the customer has Hard Disk Drives already or is using a different boot device.

The aim of the Validation Checklist is to improve customer satisfaction and now the Validation Notes are on the Export this will improve overall quality. How they appear in Excel:


iQuote Exports now include the Date

June 23, 2011

A number of HP Partners requested this so we have now added a new “Date Stamp” feature to iQuote. If you use the Excel Export you’ll notice a new row that shows the Date the Quote was Exported. This should save time when trying to match a quote your customer has with your copy in iQuote. It also means that your own Terms and Conditions are easier to enforce: if your terms are 7 Days or End of Month for quote validity the Export shows the date of export to you and the customer. So better all round Quality.


iQuote System Unit Filtering

March 31, 2011

New Global Setting for iQuote. We have a few Distributors that don’t carry the full list of HP systems that are available. More common with BTO A Models SKUs where it is possible to have dozens of systems that rarely sell. To accommodate these customers iQuote now has a Global Setting which we can apply for iQuote Hosts: “only display systems that I provide a price for”.

The plan is to also have this setting available against Options but we would advise caution here as a customer may be looking for something that is either new or obscure that potentially wouldn’t display in iQuote if this switch is enabled.

If you are an existing iQuote Host please contact us if you would like us to apply System Unit Filtering in your iQuote system(s).



New Smart Buy Option Icons in iQuote US

March 30, 2011

Locate Smart Buy Options easily in iQuote. We are rolling out a new feature for our US users. It’s a visual aid in iQuote that appears against Smart Buy (promotional) options as follows:

SB Options

Over the next couple of days we’ll ensure we have every Smart Buy option covered. Hopefully a major timesaver that also helps iQuote users to get to the best possible price for their customers.


New iQuote Feature: Improved Validation Checklist

September 2, 2010

iQuote allows users to view the configuration notes against options in a consolidated list via the Validation Checklist. If a user missed the Option Configuration Notes or maybe built a solution via a Bundle or Shopping List then it can now be browsed from the Validation Checklist – reducing the possibility of missing something.

 iQuote currently runs an information ‘i’ icon alongside options available to systems, which offers advice about the validation of the option against the system being created. This feature has now been extended to the Validation Checklist in iQuote, as a result the efficiency of creating quotes is increased and important information is not missed!

The interface will display the information in a hover menu over the information icon. In the near future this information will be extended to the Export feature of your quote. We hope this enhancement will improve your iQuote experience.