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Accessorize your quotes!

September 4, 2017

Accessories and ServicesWe are delighted to announce a new product category in iQuote 2 for all accessories and services. This category has been introduced in iQuote 2 for  both Hewlett Packard Enterprise and HP Inc.

What does this mean for the user?
 If you are using the new iQuote 2, it means you can now enhance your quotes to build a complete solution for your customers, increase your attach rates and in turn your revenue potential!

What accessories can you expect to find?
From additional memory, cables, batteries, and USB devices through to laptop bags and monitors, there are plenty of accessories to choose from.

The accessories feature is now live in iQuote 2 for users to start enhancing their quotes. Login to iQuote 2 today and start building your quotes.

iQuote is Configure, Price, Quote Software developed by for Hewlett Packard Enterprise and HP Inc.


Improved Range Menu Labels in HP iQuote

December 22, 2011

Improvements to the Range Labels in the Menu for System Units make it easier to locate products. Now the first column on the Systems Menu page is wide enough to accommodate longer family names like “8200 Elite All-in-One” – better than an abbreviation “8200 AiO”.


Printer Finder new to HP iQuote

October 6, 2011

Printer Finder is a new feature that has been added to HP iQuote. Once logged in go to IPG Swift from the Banner Advert and there is a link to Printer Finder.

You first need to select the type of printer you are looking for. Your selection will then enable HP iQuote to filter out the printers and options that are not associated with the type of printer you have selected. For example, if you choose LaserJet, all Inkjet printers will be suppressed.

Then choose the printer attributes the customer wants:

As you go through the list and choose the options you want, iQuote will filter out the printers that do not contain the features that you have selected. It also shows you the number of Printers available so you don’t “over-filter”.

From this list, you can view the specifications for any of the printers (click the blue link):

View the Options either from the Spec Table (link at the bottom of the window) or using the orange button on the printer listing go directly to them:

The Unique Selling Point here is that all of the Printers/Options are shown with the Host’s Price and Inventory levels.

Current (initial) output for this is to a CSV file. Potential to provide an Excel export or, for those Hosts who offer HP iQuote via a Store, a Buy function. The plan is to extend this feature to PSG in the short-term and look at relevance to Servers, Storage & Networking products. Feedback always welcome – use the Feedback Form in HP iQuote or Tweet, Like, LinkedIn etc.


HP iQuote More Banner Ad Functions

October 5, 2011

Further improvements to the way Banner Advertising displays and functions. There are many actions that are supported by Banner Adverts and for the user it is not always clear what clicking the advert will do. So now we are starting to incorporate “hover text” with each new advert. E.g. Click Here to view Supported Options.

PrintBanner Adverts in HP iQuote can launch a new Quote, link to a page/PDF/App and open an Option Category. New to HP iQuote is a function that can search for text/parts and display the results – so an auto-search function. This is very powerful as HP iQuote Users can see a relevant option, click and add in seconds.

Example: if you want to see Microsoft ROK SKUs click on the ROK Advert (above) and HP iQuote will do the search for parts that contain ROK. If you already have Microsoft ROK in the Basket/Cart the advert won’t display. As part of this specific adverts the Development Team also limited the results to a specific number of options.

“If Marketing has one goal, it’s to reach consumers at the moments that most influence their decisions.”

Remember if you are an HP iQuote User: Banner Adverts in HP iQuote do things that save time !


Foreign Language User Selection in HP iQuote

September 30, 2011

There are six languages currently supported in HP iQuote and this is set at user level. So there is now a selector on the Change Password page (temporarily) that allows the user to change language settings.


The languages available: English (UK), French, German, Italian, Spanish and Turkish. Planned: Polish and Portuguese and at some point we need to add English (US) ! The languages we offer in HP iQuote is determined by HP but contact us through the HP iQuote Feedback Form if you want to request a new language.


Improved System Multiplier coming soon…

September 21, 2011

HP iQuote modification coming soon around multiple systems. In HP iQuote, users are offered the option to increase the number of systems (and options) they are quoting by applying a multiplier*. This feature is available at point of Export or, for those Hosts that have HP iQuote integrated into their eCommerce system, at point of Purchase.

The Development Team will soon be improving the Multiplier function, allowing it to be applied to the Cart/Basket view itself, like this:


This feature is already in pilot with one of our US Hosts. As well as being more transparent it will allow more flexible quantities. The validation is still based on a single system.

* HP iQuote will increase the number of systems and MOST options (excluding Rack Cabinets, KVM Switches etc.) as part of the export/purchase. .


HP iQuote Export File Change

September 21, 2011

Excel ‘exports’ from HP iQuote now have a unique filename. HP iQuote Users gave us feedback that having export.asp as the filename on every export caused issues, so now the name of the export is unique every time. Thanks for your feedback; we hope that this modification helps.


iQuote IPG Swift User Guide

September 13, 2011

Swift for printers on iQuote is so easy to use. If your Distributor or Reseller has IPG enabled a link will appear on the Home Page (Swift for Printers):

Once clicked you type in part of the Description or Part Number (e.g. MFP or C861) and then select from the list that appears – green circles denote current printers:

Current printers show Spec Table, price/stock of printer itself and a graphic – all Consumables/Care Packs with stock/price:

Discontinued printers will just show Consumables/Care Packs with stock/price:

Current “output” is CSV export but if there is demand we can fold in an “add a Basket/Kart” to allow a quote to be built (and sent as an Order to the Disti/Reseller) and maybe a full format Excel export and copy to clipboard etc.

From Home Page to results (if you know the part number) IPG Swift takes less than 5 seconds, CSV export 2 seconds.


Why iQuote Adverts are Valuable

August 8, 2011

Banner advertising in iQuote is worth taking notice of. We know that online advertisements are often ignored but advertising in iQuote does clever stuff. This is an important distinction from other random banner advertising whether you are an iQuote User or an iQuote Advertiser.

Take this advert as an example….it’s clever:


Why is it clever? Answers:

  1. It is displaying because it knows you don’t have a Tape Drive installed. So it is prompting you to ask the question and make a larger sale.
  2. If you click it iQuote will direct you to the Tape Drive section. This is easier and quicker than finding it manually.
  3. If you add a Tape Drive it gets replaced by a different Banner Advert or just disappears from view.
  4. For Advertisers we can record how many times it displays and is clicked. And of course iQuote can measure the pitch rate for any options against any system unit.

Other examples: iQuote Adverts can link to PDFs, Applications, Web Sites, Facebook/LinkedIn or even launch a new quote in iQuote.

iQuote is not just about creating a good configuration quickly and easily. Through the iQuote Adverts and the Validation Checklist iQuote is helping you to expand the solution and therefore the sale.


Context-Sensitive Parts Notes now in iQuote

August 8, 2011

Our Parts Notes function has been improved. We use Parts Notes against a few Options where to install the Option requires either a trade off or in some cases an additional “enabling” sub-option. We’ve had feedback from iQuote Users that these could work better if the Parts Notes took into account the System Unit family. Originally our Parts Notes were stored against the part but of course that part could appear as an option for many servers or systems.

In other words you wanted the Parts Notes only to display when needed. So good news as Parts Notes are now aware of the System Unit being quoted and only appear when relevant (i.e. Context-Sensitive).

Example: if a Redundant Power Supply (RPS) is supported by both a ProLiant ML110G7 and a ProLiant ML330G6 BUT when installed in the ProLiant ML110G7 requires an Enablement Kit, iQuote will only show the Parts Note when the RPS is being quoted in the ML110G7 (and not the ML330G6).

So it reduces the number of times Parts Notes are displayed and avoids minor confusion (why am I seeing a ML110G7 warning when in a ML330G6 quote). As a point of detail this iQuote modification has been applied to all of the ways that an option can appear (drill down and search).