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iQuote with your Terms & Conditions

August 27, 2010

Hosts can now publish their own Terms & Conditions on iQuote. At the footer of every iQuote ‘instance’ is a Legal link to Terms & Conditions. The default page has’s Terms and Conditions of site use. Hosts that allow their customers access to iQuote may want to apply their own legal Terms & Conditions. As a result users will be able to see the Host’s Terms and Conditions and not the standard iQuote T’s and C’s. This small adjustment makes iQuote more aligned to your business practices.

To apply your Legal Ts & Cs to iQuote please send us a request: email


Rise of the Clones

August 20, 2010

Resellers running iQuote is on the up. In the UK, where iQuote has been around for 18 months, we are seeing acceleration in the number of Resellers that use Distributor iQuote Clones. We now operate nearly 20 clones, nearly double the number just a month ago. The scale of Reseller using clones varies from small to very large VARs. We’re obviously delighted that HP’s Gold Preferred Partners, Preferred Partners and CDP Managed Accounts are leveraging iQuote. We are also pleased to welcome some Resellers that are new to HP as they “defect” from other brands!

Clones aren’t the only way to access iQuote. Some of our Distributors offer iQuote through their own eCommerce sites and well over a hundred Resellers use iQuote this way.

More about iQuote Clones: