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Calling all LinkedIn iQuote User Group Members

September 15, 2010

Spread the word by inviting colleagues, customers and partners to the iQuote User Group on LinkedIn. We’ve enabled a new LinkedIn function that allows Members of the Group to send invitations to people.

The iQuote User Group is a growing community of people interested in iQuote. Users can read, discuss and contribute on articles and news related to iQuote. This group also allows people to opt in to email communications and we feel this is less invasive than broadcast emails.

We look to spread the word on iQuote as much as possible, but your recommendations are extremely valuable! We’re also on Twitter: hpiquote.


iQuote is now on Twitter: follow @hpiQuote.

August 18, 2010

Follow us on Twitter for all the latest news on iQuote! iQuote is now a fully fledged member of Twitter; we will be tweeting regularly on all things iQuote: news, updates, and developments. Our Blog and LinkedIn iQuote User Group are also going to be key ways to communicate and collaborate. Follow us now to extend the iQuote community!