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Improved Promotions Navigation in HP iQuote

March 13, 2014

Look out for changes in the HP iQuote menus to make quoting promotional products even easier. A new release of HP iQuote will be made worldwide on Friday 14th March 2014. Here are the improvements:

1. New Menu Item – Promotions on the top menu.


2. Clicking that takes you to a new promotions page from which you can filter based on various HP promos/programs:


(the results are all localized for HP’s regional settings).

3. We kept View All in place to show all products (this is the existing view):


4. Now you can click Avalanche/Flex Attach to see systems that qualify under that program, Top Value/Golden Offers/SmartBuys to see pre-discounted systems and in Latin America: Receta.


We hope you find this new interface helpful. Please feel free to share your views with us via the Feedback Form.


HP iQuote & Promotional SKUs

March 20, 2012

When you are quoting a system unit HP iQuote now reminds you whether you are building a Promotional SKU or not. You’d know wouldn’t you? Well if you’ve started a quotation through Quick Launch or Shopping List maybe not. Besides you may have started a quote, the customer says: “Oh I need a Smart Buy” and you don’t want to abandon the quote to check that you originally selected a Smart Buy.

Promo Supply Chain

The above shows Smart Buy in blue text. In Europe it would say Top Value for example. Users asked us to add this so we hope it’s useful.