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HP StorageWorks and iQuote

May 23, 2011

iQuote is not just for PCs and Servers. If you haven’t already used iQuote for HP StorageWorks please have a look. Many quotes already include StorageWorks products as options for Servers but there is an entire range of HP StorageWorks systems that can be quoted from iQuote.

Generally Distribution and Reseller Sales are more comfortable quoting HP ProLiant for example, however, iQuote makes quoting storage solutions from HP really easy. We are introducing a change to iQuote for HP StorageWorks that allows the user to stack multiple storage chassis into a single solution. It is incredibly easy to do and will allow a much higher percentage of configurations to be handled by iQuote.

Look out for more announcements around HP StorageWorks in H2 2011.


Disk Storage starts to appear in HP StorageWorks iQuote

March 1, 2011

HP StorageWorks P4300 G2 and P4500 G2 systems in iQuote. In early February we launched tape products such as Autoloaders and Libraries into iQuote. In late February we started to fold in disk-based solutions such as the P4300 and P4500. As we go through March iQuote users will see more solutions added including the popular Starter Packs.

Systems in iQuote already:

P4300 G2

P4500 G2


HP StorageWorks Commercial in iQuote Rollout

February 15, 2011

The first HP StorageWorks solutions start to appear in iQuote. It’s started and the 3C products (HP Tape Autoloaders and Libraries) are the first to surface. UK users already have access and this will spread really quickly into other areas of the portfolio as final developments are completed.

The good news for iQuote users, especially those users who are not as famliar with the HP StorageWorks products as they are with PSG or ProLiant, is that it works in the same way. Plus using Solution Builder iQuote users can start to build solutions comprising of different parts of the IT infrastructure. Other iQuote features such as iQuote Swift are also HP StorageWorks ready.

We hope that the inclusion of HP StorageWorks commercial products helps our iQuote customers to build great storage solutions around the HP ProLiant servers. We are always happy to take feedback from iQuote users.


iQuote: View from the Team – Paul

November 1, 2010

What has our resident technical guru been working on lately? Paul is part of the iQuote team and is responsible for many things but one key activity is introducing new products into iQuote. Since the ProLiant G7 launch and the major PSG transition Paul has been working on the HP StorageWorks iQuote project. Here’s what Paul has to say about this new and different product range:

“Previously all systems in iQuote have been computers: Notebooks, Desktops, Personal Workstations, Servers and Blades so the HP StorageWorks project has been interesting and challenging as we’ve really had to start from the beginning. However, some of the recent iQuote enhancements such as PCI slot validation and optimisation lend themselves to slot-based systems, such as Storage Systems.

I’ve been going through the StorageWorks Commercial product range in huge detail mapping the product attributes and expansion capabilities. These are then uploaded into our SQL database ready for the application development to bring them to life as configurable systems. Progress so far has been good and we have a number of systems that are available in Beta form. I fully expect to see HP StorageWorks live for iQuote users in November 2010 and seeing these systems quoted will be hugely rewarding. More good news is that the HP StorageWorks Commercial products will also work with our new iQuote Swift service.”

 Next up for “View from the Team” will be Dan who will be covering off his view of iQuote Swift, HP StorageWorks implementation, price list optimisation and more.


HP StorageWorks for iQuote: In Production

September 6, 2010

The secret is out – HP StorageWorks Commercial Portfolio is coming soon to iQuote. Expect to see D2600/2700 and P4000 products really soon! Microscope here in the UK reported this as follows:

Keep watching the Blog to see HP StorageWorks products as they launch.