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HP iQuote & KVM Adapters

July 27, 2011

For HP ProLiant Rack-Mount Servers iQuote now prompts the user to add a KVM Adapter. We’ve used the Blue Warning in the Validation Checklist to recommend that you should offer a KVM Adapter as they are almost always required and rarely quoted. Once added the Blue Warning turns Green, but if the customer doesn’t need one it can be ignored as Blue Warnings are not critical.



iQuote: Support for HP Racks & Options

August 26, 2010

Now you can add HP Racks & Options in iQuote!
With immediate effect you will notice a new Options Category on all DL Servers and the ML Servers that support Tower to Rack Conversion Kits: Rack Kit. This will allow you to add Racks, Side Panels, Keyboards & TFTs to the iQuote basket. Of course you can also use Shopping List and Options Search to build configurations with these options.

One key difference between the way these Rack Kit options behave (compared to standard options) is that when you export iQuote doesn’t multiply these options by the number of servers you specify. This is because they are rarely required in the same quantity as the servers so get the quantity you want perfect prior to export!

We’ve offered a reasonable selection of Rack Options based on HP’s best selling options data but if you need anything added please use the Feedback form.