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iQuote IPG Swift User Guide

September 13, 2011

Swift for printers on iQuote is so easy to use. If your Distributor or Reseller has IPG enabled a link will appear on the Home Page (Swift for Printers):

Once clicked you type in part of the Description or Part Number (e.g. MFP or C861) and then select from the list that appears – green circles denote current printers:

Current printers show Spec Table, price/stock of printer itself and a graphic – all Consumables/Care Packs with stock/price:

Discontinued printers will just show Consumables/Care Packs with stock/price:

Current “output” is CSV export but if there is demand we can fold in an “add a Basket/Kart” to allow a quote to be built (and sent as an Order to the Disti/Reseller) and maybe a full format Excel export and copy to clipboard etc.

From Home Page to results (if you know the part number) IPG Swift takes less than 5 seconds, CSV export 2 seconds.


New iQuote feature – Swift for Printers

August 31, 2011

One of the most popular recent additions to iQuote is ‘Swift’. We believe it is the fastest way for IT Sales to generate pricelists for their customers.

Now, due to popular demand, we have launched a new tool called Swift for Printers. As the name suggests, it applies the methodology of iQuote Swift to HP’s Printer portfolio. Simply search for a printer (by part number or description), select the model you’re interested in, and click to view a complete list of compatible options and consumables in seconds – including your Availability and Pricing. It’s only one more click to export the complete list to a CSV (Excel-compatible) file. It includes discontinued printers but for current printers we also provide a Specification Table and the stock/price of the printer.

Give Swift for Printers a try today! As usual let us know what you think; and watch out for more IPG innovations on iQuote soon.