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HP iQuote Save Feature Change

April 23, 2013

Now HP iQuote Users can save a quote immediately – always. Previously the Shopping Card/Basket needed to have a minimum of 1 option included with a System Unit. Now you can save a System Unit only quotation. This is to improve ease of use but of course keep adding the Options !

As before to access all of the Export functions simply Save the Quote.



iQuote’s Source for Options

August 28, 2010

Where does locate the Options for all of the Systems? When talking to customers for the first time, this is one of their most common questions. Our starting point is the HP Compatibility Matrix that HP makes available through Smart Portal. However, we often add parts that we locate in Product Bulletin, plus there are a number of options that apply globally that HP doesn’t list in the Compatibility Matrix (cables, software, software support for example) so we add those. Lastly, our customers help us to keep options accurate through feedback (in the case of Options Search, automatically).

So from multiple sources our iQuote logic filters the options based on the specific system unit. In total the number of options in the Compatibility Matrix will be around 150 – once in iQuote it’s roughly TEN times this number.

If you need an option that we don’t list, please use the iQuote Feedback Form.