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HP iQuote User Creation Improvements

April 11, 2013

Support for multiple email domains now available. If you are a HP iQuote host or clone and you use multiple email domains you can now setup users even if their email domain doesn’t match your own. Just tell us all of the email domains you use and we’ll make them available for you.

Also if you want to give someone from HP access to your HP iQuote: the User Creation works with Remember the email address must be valid as the new user gets a welcome email.



HP iQuote Saved Quotes View Export

April 10, 2013

Now users can export their own quotes to Excel in bulk. Simply go to your Saved Quotes view in HP iQuote, set the preview to the quantity you want to export (default is last 10 Saved Quotes), click on Export All.


It will load into Excel as follows:


Hopefully a useful addition for users that want to analyze their pipeline offline !


New Text Box on Saved Quotes in HP iQuote

April 2, 2013

HP iQuote Users can now store text against Saved Quotes. You gave us some feedback that when you win a deal you want to put the Sales Order reference against the HP iQuote Saved Quote as a cross reference. Now you can. Or you may just want to store some text against that quote as a reminder of who or what the quote was for. Now you can.

Simply save your quote, go into Saved Quotes, click to open the quote, enter the text and click the orange arrow icon.

Keep the good ideas coming. Use the Feedback Form or join the LinkedIn HP iQuote User Group.



HP iQuote PPS Portfolio Update

March 20, 2013

A handful of families have appeared on iQuote in the recent weeks, and in case you haven’t noticed them, here are the details.

Three new families are available in iQuote; HP Elite 7500, HP Pro 3515 and HP Pro All-in-One 3520.


Your small business computing needs can change at the click of a mouse. You need a PC that can keep up. The HP Elite 7500 is designed to give you the high performance you need for today’s process-intensive and graphics-rich applications and the sleek new design complements any home office or small business environment.


The HP Pro 3515 Microtower offers your business a fully loaded, space-efficient PC business PC with the heritage of HP quality and reliability. The new industrial design is slim, sleek and simply stunning with clean lines and a high-gloss black finish for a stunning modern PC architecture.


Get everything you need with the HP Pro All-in-One 3520 Business PC. Powerful enough to handle your everyday workplace computing tasks yet still reliable and affordable. You get a great looking PC with a heritage of quality and reliability and full-featured technology perfect for everyday business use.

Models Available:
Elite 7500 – B5H91EA, B5H92EA, B5G66EA, C5X90EA
Pro 3515 – B5J26EA, B5J27EA
Pro AiO 3520 – B5J28EA


HP iQuote Feb 2013 Statistics

March 15, 2013

Another record month thank you. Despite only 20 trading days (max) you broke all previous records:

  1. 1775 Unique Companies used HP iQuote.
  2. Over 3000 Users.
  3. Nearly 27k New iQuotes raised.
  4. Over 10,000 Exported iQuotes.

Regional Splits/Trends
40% of iQuotes are AMS Region – Canada and Latin America ramping up to add to USA numbers. EMEA ahead due to a number of new Distributors deploying HP iQuote internally and to Resellers.


Changes to EMEA Microsoft ROK Auto Add

March 5, 2013

HP iQuote now automatically offers Microsoft Windows Server 2012 versions against HP ProLiants. We’ve had this function for a while now based on older versions so this is just a refresh.

Windows Server 2012 a

Remember it’s easy to change from the default offering: just remove from the Basket/Cart and then browse or search for the full range of Microsoft Server Operating Systems from HP.

HP Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Auto Add only operates in EMEA.


Latin American Users: Receta Improvement

March 1, 2013

Change Model now sends you back to the Receta view. If you are inside a quotation and you complete or decide you want to change to a different system unit you can click on Change Model (see graphic). It’s a good shortcut. For those HP iQuote Instances with Receta we now send you back to the Receta Menu instead of the All Models Menu.



HP iQuote Welcome Mails

February 26, 2013

Now our Welcome Emails are localized. When HP iQuote Administrators use the Management link to create new users HP iQuote issues a Welcome Email with link plus user credentials. Now HP iQuote supports Welcome Mails in different languages. This is part of our on-going commitment to delivering a Global Program with local features.



HP iQuote Storage Product Introductions

February 25, 2013

After an extremely busy HP GPC event it is time to catch up on the additions we have made to HP iQuote Storage. We are happy to let you know that members of the HP StoreEasy, StoreOnce and StoreVirtual families are available in iQuote. A brief overview of each:


HP StoreOnce Backup systems reduce the amount of backup data you need to store by up to 95%, so with HP’s scale-out architecture you can pay-as-you-grow to retain up to 10 petabytes of data in a single pool. They provide automated backup and DR operations with all the features you’d expect from dedicated disk backup, and some you can only get from HP.

StoreEasyHP StoreEasy 1000 Storage is a new breed of efficient, secure, and highly available storage to simply address the file and application storage challenges of small to medium business, branch office, and workgroup environments. StoreEasy 1000 Storage, built on industry leading ProLiant DNA and Microsoft Windows Storage Server, integrates easily into new and existing environments with a straightforward, consistent management experience for IT generalists.


HP StoreVirtual Storage provides a virtualized pool of storage resources to deliver enterprise SAN functionality that enhances virtual environments, simplifies management, and reduces costs. Easy to deploy, grow and maintain, HP StoreVirtual Storage ensures that critical business data remain available. The innovative approach to storage provides a unique data protection level across the entire array, reducing vulnerability without driving up costs the way traditional SANs can.


SmartQuote Ready XML Export in HP iQuote

January 15, 2013

A new Export option is now available in HP iQuote. This should be really popular with our Reseller users who apply for Bid Pricing from HP. Simply choose XML – HP SmartQuote and you can download a zipped XML file. Unzip to upload as part of your HP SmartQuote request. Huge timesaver. As always any “red” configuration errors result in Export functions disabled.


If you would like to get advanced notification of new HP iQuote features we publish them on the LinkedIn iQuote User Group.