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HP iQuote March 2014 Stats

April 4, 2014

And they are looking good!
It’s been a while since we updated you all on the quote volumes by regions and country so we thought you might be interested to read these! It is fair to say, you have all been busy in the last month.

Regional Statistics
Percentage of total new quotes generate in HP iQuote in March 2014 split into the following regions:

AMS 41.53%
APJ 0.22%
EMEA 58.25%

Country Statistics
The top 10 countries based on new quotes generated were as follows:

US          12219 (USA)
UK          11108 (United Kingdom)
ES           3427 (Spain)
FR           2391 (France)
DE           2080 (Germany)
IT            1567 (Italy)
CL           1442 (Chile)
PE           1398 (Peru)
CA          1282 (Canada)
CO          1051 (Colombia)

Thank you to all of our customers for your continued support and usage of HP iQuote. If you have any questions or feedback on HP iQuote or would like any training to help you make the most of the tool please email


May and June 2013 HP iQuote Stats

July 2, 2013

What did the last two months look like for HP iQuote Utilization? Here are the headlines:

  • Unique Companies in April were 2070, rising to 2085 in May and 2257 in June.
  • 3594 unique Users in April rose to 3687 in May and 3855 in June.
  • New Quotes: 29661 in April, 30327 in May and 30319 in June

The Battle of the Continents: Americas is up to 45% of the New Quote traffic. It had been as low as 33%.


HP iQuote Feb 2013 Statistics

March 15, 2013

Another record month thank you. Despite only 20 trading days (max) you broke all previous records:

  1. 1775 Unique Companies used HP iQuote.
  2. Over 3000 Users.
  3. Nearly 27k New iQuotes raised.
  4. Over 10,000 Exported iQuotes.

Regional Splits/Trends
40% of iQuotes are AMS Region – Canada and Latin America ramping up to add to USA numbers. EMEA ahead due to a number of new Distributors deploying HP iQuote internally and to Resellers.


HP iQuote Utilization January 2013

January 25, 2013

Record breaking HP iQuote Weekly Stats. Approaching 1200 unique users per week fast – double the number in Jan 2012. HP iQuote also broke through the 6000 New Quotes in a week barrier as well (over 50% up on Jan 2012). Saved and Exported quotes are also at an all time high.

Thank you all for using HP iQuote.


HP iQuote 2012 Review

December 20, 2012

Some interesting stats for January to November 2012. HP iQuote utilization saw steady growth until the final (Calendar) quarter at which point it (you) got busy. Here’s some stats:

  • Users: average grew from 1235 (Q1) to 2390 (Q4TD) – near double.
  • Total New Quotes Jan to Nov: 204,000.
  • Value of Saved Quotes c.$300,000,000 (does not include revenue from New Quotes not Saved).



December 2012 is not yet over but New Quotes per Week saw a new all time record at nearly 6000 in a week.

Thanks to all of our customers and users.


HP iQuote October Stats

November 7, 2012

Wow, Our October 2012 utilisation was off the chart.

Thank you for using HP iQuote; here are some highlights:

  • 1,312 Companies used HP iQuote.
  • 2,400 Users used HP iQuote
  • Just under 23,000 New Quotes were generated: the first time we’ve exceeded 20,000 and pretty much 1,000 New Quotes per Day average.

AMS v EMEA (just for fun):
America’s region saw 25% growth, EMEA nearer 33% growth on September so EMEA took 56.2% share based on New Quotes. With Latin America coming on line we expect AMS to grow quickly to retain share.



HP iQuote Users on the increase

October 3, 2012

The HP iQuote User Count Record set in September 2012 has already been broken by only the 3rd day of October 2012. 752 users in a week achieved on week preceding 20 September 2012. 765 users in a week achieved 3 October 2012. In October 2011 it was a mere 400 per week. Great to have all of these new users on HP iQuote.


HP iQuote August 2012 Stats

September 20, 2012

A steady performance during the peak holiday month. New Quotes: 17,678 of which 52% were from Americas, the rest from EMEA. This will be interesting to track moving forward as we have large Pan Euro deployments but also Latin America and Canada is coming online – plus some momentum in USA.

Over 1600 Users from 900 Companies used HP iQuote in August 2012 to execute HP business. Saved Quote value was nearly $40M.

Other interesting facts: 90% if ProLiant quotes in HP iQuote are Rack-Mountable Servers; 80% of quotes are Smart Buy or Top Value/Golden Offer.

Thanks for using HP iQuote.


HP iQuote Functions July 2012

August 10, 2012

HP iQuote users are using some of the newer features more and more. We tracked the following trends in June/July 2012:

  • Searching for Options: 4220 (June was 3700) searches.
  • Intelligent Searches (from Banner Adverts or Validation Notes): 278 (June was 170).
  • System Finder: 216 (June was 150).

Using the above features makes HP iQuote more powerful and quicker to use. So we’re delighted that our user community is adopting them. Clicks on Banner Adverts (Emulex) and Exports to QuoteWerks also increased month on month.


HP iQuote June/July 2012 Utilization

August 9, 2012

A catch-up on global utilization for HP iQuote based on New Quotes generated. Overall a steady couple of months….thank you for your continued support.

June 2012 (17,764 New Quotes)
AMS region narrowly edged utilization with 50.3% of New Quotes. Overall Reseller-generated quotes increased in terms of share to 34.5% (May 2012: 32.6%).


July 2012 (18,845 New Quotes)
EMEA led quote volume with 54.2%. Reseller-generated quotes climbed again to 38.6%.