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HP iQuote Universal

March 14, 2012

A new, easy way to access HP iQuote for HP Partners. The best way for HP Resellers to use HP iQuote is via their HP Authorized Distributor – the stock, price and buy functions, where available, make using HP iQuote far richer.

However, what if you don’t have a local Distributor that you buy from with HP iQuote? Well if you want to use the configuration capabilities against HP List Price then check out HP iQuote Universal.

How to Access
Simply visit this Web Site:

Complete the form and you’ll get an instant Welcome Email. If your country isn’t listed please email

Distributors can also use HP iQuote Universal but any HP Authorized Distributor can have a free version of HP iQuote anyway via HP iQuote No-IT. The No-IT version is better as you get the Management Portal. Email to get HP iQuote No-IT.


Quicker, easier way to give customers access to HP iQuote: Universal

November 22, 2011

New deployment model accelerates HP iQuote customer system. As well as support for web store integrations and clones now offers a third way to give customers access.

This version of iQuote is called HP iQuote Universal. This is how it works:

  1. We provide a customer subscribe form and a link with a token which you place on your web site.
  2. Reseller completes form and is provided with a welcome email.

We show List Price* or Indicative Price* in this version as well as inventory. You can have unlimited customers/users under this model you just have to be a HP iQuote subscriber (so this is not available under HP iQuote No-IT).

* Hosts that want to provide customers with individual buy price should look at HP iQuote Web Store Integrated.

Here’s a full list of HP iQuote versions:

  • HP iQuote No-IT (free): Internal Use Only, List Price No Stock
  • HP iQuote Universal: Internal Use, Customers, List Price, Stock, Order (email)
  • HP iQuote Clone: Per Customer, Buy Price, Stock, Order (email)
  • HP iQuote Store Integrated: Customers, Buy Price, Stock, Order via Kart (Basket)

Upon first subscription our customers get Universal, Clone and Store Integrated.


HP iQuote No-IT Extended

November 11, 2011

Important news on our FREE version of HP iQuote for HP Authorised Distributors. HP iQuote No-IT is not only free but requires no IT Integration so it’s instant on. 2 changes:

  1. Originally a HP ESSN program we’ve now extended it to include PSG and IPG.
  2. EMEA coverage has been extended to any Worldwide location for which we can obtain local List Pricing and Portfolio information.

HP iQuote No-IT is a great way for Distributors to evaluate HP iQuote or use it as a configuration tool. More on HP iQuote No-IT: