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HP iQuote User Creation Improvements

April 11, 2013

Support for multiple email domains now available. If you are a HP iQuote host or clone and you use multiple email domains you can now setup users even if their email domain doesn’t match your own. Just tell us all of the email domains you use and we’ll make them available for you.

Also if you want to give someone from HP access to your HP iQuote: the User Creation works with Remember the email address must be valid as the new user gets a welcome email.



HP iQuote Management Console Benefits

May 30, 2012

7 Reasons why Admin Users should check out the Management Console. In no particular order:

  1. You can set up your own internal users.
  2. If you have deployed Clones you can view activity.
  3. Pitch Rate by User – see who’s hot and who’s not at adding HP Options.
  4. Download option compatibility by SKU with popularity ranking. Also available as a Web Service.
  5. View general throughput data.
  6. If a member of staff leaves or is off work the Admin/Manager can retrieve any quote.
  7. For Pan Country Hosts we can add links to “level up” reports. So we don’t have to provide a different Management console.

And 3 more Reasons coming this year:

  1. Set your own Clones up.
  2. Banner Advert upload.
  3. For Hosts with an Integrated or Universal HP iQuote Instance we’ll extend the reporting to include that.