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SmartQuote Ready XML Export in HP iQuote

January 15, 2013

A new Export option is now available in HP iQuote. This should be really popular with our Reseller users who apply for Bid Pricing from HP. Simply choose XML – HP SmartQuote and you can download a zipped XML file. Unzip to upload as part of your HP SmartQuote request. Huge timesaver. As always any “red” configuration errors result in Export functions disabled.


If you would like to get advanced notification of new HP iQuote features we publish them on the LinkedIn iQuote User Group.


Email HP iQuote Quotations Directly

June 29, 2012

New version of the Mail Me export can now Mail Anyone! A few months ago HP iQuote introduced Mail Me: a way users could email themselves a copy of the Saved Quote. This has been improved to allow the user to replace their email address with any email address (most likely the person the quote is for). Hopefully very useful.

Mail You


HP iQuote v1.9: Email Your Quote

April 5, 2012

imageA new way to export the quotation in HP iQuote: Mail Me. Once you’ve saved your quote you will see a new icon: an envelope. Click on it and you have emailed yourself a copy of the quote (HP iQuote does an auto-save and logs it as an export that you can view in Saved Quotes). At present the email has a CSV attachment but we may add a HTML table version in the email body.

Also planned is an enhancement to allow you to enter email address/addresses so you can send a quote directly from HP iQuote to your customer. So Mail You maybe…