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6200 Pro now available in iQuote

May 6, 2011

Many new models available to quote now for US and European PSG iQuote Users. The HP Compaq 6200 Pro includes proven PC modules and components designed to rigorous business PC standards. Delivered in two familiar form factors (Small Form Factor and Mini Tower), the 6200 Pro Series will satisfy most everyday business computing requirements.

US Models:

  • QN084AW, QN081AW, QN086AW, QN087AW
  • XZ809UA
  • LA059UT, LA060UT, LA061UT, LA062UT, LA063UT, LA064UT, LA067UT, LA068UT

EMEA Models:

  • QN081AW, QN084AW, QN086AW, QN087AW
  • XY099EA, XY100EA, XY101EA, XY102EA, XY103EA, XY104EA, XY105EA, XY106EA
  • XY112ET, XY110ET, XY109ET, XY107ET