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HP Care Pack “Help Me Choose” now available for HP ProLiants

January 24, 2014

HP iQuote “Help Me Choose” Care Pack selector extended from HP PPS to HP ISS. 
With an impressive choice of HP Care Packs available to provide hardware-based support for HP ProLiants it can be difficult to locate the best option to quote. HP iQuote now offers a great solution with the addition of a “Help Me Choose” function. Use the service parameters to shortlist suitable services and then simply add them to the Shopping Cart.

HP iQuote will always load “Help Me Choose” with a default offering. However, users can vary key service attributes such as:

  • Service Duration
  • Response Time
  • Service Level
  • DMR and other Options

ISS Help Me Choose

The matching Care Packs are listed below and update without a browser refresh. Simple click to add to the Shopping Cart. Users are still able to search for services by part number or description.

It’s  incredibly easy to use and fast to locate the best service to quote. If you have any feedback on this feature please use the Feedback link in HP iQuote or visit the HP iQuote User Group on LinkedIn.


HP Care Pack Support Extended

June 6, 2012

HP iQuote now supports Collaborative and Proactive Care Packs. For HP ProLiants there is a new section called HW/SW Support. Within the section HP iQuote users will be able to select Collaborative or Proactive Care Packs. Or just use the Option Search function to quickly shortlist them.

HP Care PackUsers will also notice that we’ve applied consistent product descriptions which really make your quote look more professional. If you are selling Fixed Care Packs HP iQuote will really help you !


HP Care Pack Auto-Add Extended

June 27, 2011

Holland/Netherlands and Belgium now have HP Care Pack enabled. As part of an EMEA rollout of this feature these countries will get HP Care Pack Auto-Add. When a system is loaded iQuote adds the No.1 ranked Care Pack into the basket. It can be replaced by the User.

This follows a successful UK/IE pilot where HP has seen the Pitch Rate for Hardware Support increase through iQuote. Higher Pitch Rate can lead to an increase in Attach Rate.


TS Europe’s Advertising Campaign live in iQuote

May 16, 2011

Click on the Banner Adverts to access great educational collateral within iQuote. Many iQuote Users will have noticed Banner Advertisements in iQuote from the HP TS (Care Pack) team in EMEA (see image here). Click on them to get instant access to loads of sales information in PDF format. It explains customer requirements and how HP Care Packs can be combined to create compelling solutions for customers. So if you want to maximise each Sales Opportunity for HP Services everything you need is there.

To make it easier: when you click on an advert when quoting ProLiant Servers (most of them) iQuote will display recommended solutions and part numbers for that range.


iQuote Auto-Attach for HP Care Pack Warranties

March 14, 2011

UK and Irish iQuote Users pilot HP Care Pack Warranty Auto-Attach. If a quote is started from the browse menu or from Quick Launch (where you know the system part number) iQuote will add the Number 1 HP ranked (and therefore supported) Care Pack Warranty to the basket automatically. If you want to change this for another Care Pack Warranty no problem it’s quick to de-select from the basket.

Multi-BU Support: it works for HP ProLiant, HP StorageWorks Commercial and HP Commercial Notebooks, Desktops and Workstations. ISS, SWDc and PSG in HP parlance.

Not only is this a major timesaver but it is also aimed to increase the pitch-rate for these services (the number of times they are quoted against a system unit). Higher pitch rates mean higher attach rates and that’s margin to HP and its channel. It will go live in the USA soon – same process but we have to call the basket a kart. There is potential for the rest of Europe also to have this great new function.


HP Care Pack Auto Add Coming Soon to iQuote

February 15, 2011

Load a system unit and the best Care Pack for that model will appear in the basket (cart) automatically. That’s the concept and in fact we’ve got this working already in our test site for ProLiants. The UK will see this feature soon, and once released we’ll look to roll it out to all iQuote-ready countries. It will help to drive Care Pack sales for our Distributors and Resellers. Of course it will be possible to remove the Care Pack from the basket (cart) and replace it with an alternative.

We’ve spoken to a number of partners about how desirable this feature is and the feedback is that they all want to improve Care Pack sales and see this as a very positive step.

The Care Pack is selected from HP’s Care Pack Finder file so it is HP’s recommendation. The Care Pack Auto Add will complement other plans we have to help with Care Pack attach and selection such as the “also coming soon” HP Recommends for iQuote.

As with all new features we’re happy to take feedback from iQuote customers and users. There are currently no plans to offer this for PSG systems but that may change.


HP Data Protector Software Support

May 26, 2010

iQuote now shows mandatory Care Packs for HP Data Protector. We had some feedback from an iQuote customer that for them to sell HP Data Protector they also had to sell a mandatory (flexible) Care Pack with it. There were also choices of service levels. That meant referencing a PDF document from HP Smart Portal to look for the appropriate part numbers for the Care Pack.

So yesterday we took HP Data Protector offline for a few hours and added an information hover that displays the Care Pack parts numbers against each Software part number. Hopefully this will save a huge amount of time for HP’s channel.