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New Feature in iCreate

July 2, 2015

Helping you Choose!

iCreate Help Me ChooseOur iCreate tool just got even better! The iCreate service is developed for Westcoast Distribution UK and is a Configure/ Price/ Quote tool for their HP Product Portfolio.

channelcentral have just released a new feature in the tool to help users create their perfect solution. The feature is called ‘Help Me Choose’. Once the user is logged into the tool they can select this new feature at any level from as early on as selecting the system type or product family through to individual models. Upon clicking ‘Help me Choose’ users will be presented with a number of criteria to select from. These options will act as a filter so that the user is then given the products that fit the criteria required. Not only will it significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to configure HP Solutions but it also enables less experienced sales staff to tackle complex customer requirements, freeing up your technical teams to support customers.

Configuring an HP Solution has never been simpler! Just look out for this button next time you login. image

iCreate is developed for Westcoast Distribution by


HP Care Pack Services Selector now in HP iQuote

July 1, 2013

Selling HP Care Packs is now much easier in HP iQuote. The HP Care Pack Services Selector (now live with HP PPS Commercial Notebooks, Desktops and Workstations) is much quicker and easier than browsing for services or using the search function.

Look for the Help Me Choose logo:


Click and the Care Pack Services Selector will load. Just tick the boxes and HP iQuote will show you the parts that match with a simple “legend” then Add to Cart. It’s too easy.


The Care Pack Services Selector is likely to spread across to other product lines in the future.