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SSD: Do more with less

September 26, 2014

Get the best out of your investment. HP Solid State drives can deliver over 60X the random read performance of 15K SAS hard drives! Do more with less, as a single drive can provide more performance than several hard drives. To get the best performance from your SSD investment, check that your HP ARRAY controller supports HP SSD Smart Path.


iQuote Hard Disk Drives in Table of Contents (also) Much Better

June 10, 2010

We’ve done for Hard Disk Drives what we recently did for pre-installed Memory. People wanted us to show the hard disk drive type and configuration in the System’s Table of Contents. So we do. Example:

Previous Description: 500GB
New Description: 2 x 250GB (7.2k rpm) Hot-Pluggable 3.5in SATA

Works for all products: notebooks, desktops, workstations, servers, blades. Major timesaver. Before you could work it out but you had to open up the Hard Disk Drive Option section.