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Buying Servers Online: UK eCommerce Survey

November 5, 2018

Nearly 20 years after the .com crash, the cause of which was due (in part) to the hype around eCommerce, you would think it would be relatively easy to buy a Server online from a Reseller or Retailer. Well channelcentral knows the answer as we’ve surveyed 21 online Resellers/Retailers in the UK during October 2018 – a market that is well established with eCommerce.

The Server Market is now consolidated so that there are only three or four vendors of scale who sell via the Channel. We picked the two biggest: HPE and Dell/EMC. Three SKUs each from their stock/promo supply chain ranging from single CPU tower to dual CPU rack. We have expected that Lenovo, Fujitsu would be similar and we weren’t sure whether Cisco sold Servers ex-stock.

In the Survey we looked at a number of basics:

  • Was the System Unit available?
  • Did the Store offer Hardware Options? Software? Services?
  • Were Product Reviews available? Leasing/Finance? Promotions?
  • Did anyone offer CPQ (Configure Price Quote)? channelcentral’s favourite subject.
  • What else was interesting? Any best practices? Any worst practices?

The results were incredibly insightful and so we’ll be releasing the information in the following ways:

  1. Look out for our Blog articles as we feed conclusions into it.
  2. We’ll issue the entire Survey as a White Paper.
  3. For people with tiny attention spans we’ll do an Infographic.
  4. Any Reseller who was in the Survey can get a version of the White Paper with their performance benchmarked against the other 20.

Importantly, channelcentral wasn’t asked to conduct a survey, it’s not sponsored by anyone and our software resides in Distribution. Where we have a potential conflict of interest we happily point it out. In other words we’re 100% impartial.

If your job is selling Server, Software, Services & Accessories/Options, be prepared.


HP iQuote User Group on LinkedIn

January 24, 2013

A reminder that we’ve got a Private Group on LinkedIn. If you are interested in getting proactive notification of our Blog articles or getting pre-release information please visit:

Private Group means that members have to be approved. This allows us to maintain a community of people interested in the HP iQuote service. Currently just under 150 people are members of this group.


We also have a Twitter Account:

and a Blog:


Support for WordPress Blogs in HP iQuote

October 10, 2011

Would you like to add to the standard HP iQuote Blog or even replace it? If you are familiar with HP iQuote then you will have seen that on the Home Page we re-publish the HP iQuote Blog that is hosted in WordPress.

If you have access to WordPress, which is a free application for their basic service, you can setup your own localised Blog. Let us know the Web URL and we can import your Blog articles and re-publish them in HP iQuote. If you want us to suppress (hide) the standard HP iQuote Blog which is only available in English language, we can do that too.


You can Blog on very specific programs that you are running. The benefit is that your local HP iQuote Blog will be more relevant than the standard Blog: local language, local programs.

Other benefits: if you use WordPress and tag the articles you will start to get results from search engines such as Google and Bing. Also your customers can see your Blog through a RSS feed or through other social media tools e.g. Twitter.


April 2010 HP ProLiant Cashback Offers in iQuote

April 7, 2010

HP offers free hard drive with HP ProLiant G6 Server and Care Pack discount. HP has launched End User Cashback offers for April 2010 and the good news is that these offers are now live and available to users of iQuote immediately. The offers are available from April 1st all the way through to April 30th:

  1. Purchase a ProLiant G6 server together with at least two 146GB Small Form Factor hard drives, and HP will refund the cost of one of these drives.
  2. In support of this promotion, when you purchase 5 Year, 4 Hour 24 x 7 DMR HP Care Pack with your chosen server under the above offer, HP will give you up to £400 cash back.

iQuote shows the End User Cashbacks but doesn’t add them to the Basket as the End User must claim directly from HP.

For further information on how to claim these offers please visit this HP web address:


Linkedin iQuote User Group

January 21, 2010

Join the iQuote User Group on LinkedIn. is always committed to providing insightful and exciting information to its customers. One of the communication links the company uses is the social platform and professional networking site: LinkedIn, which allows us to provide clear and direct two way communication to all people who interested in iQuote. Within LinkedIn look for the iQuote User Group: used to inform and publish news on all things iQuote, as well as a forum for discussion on your ideas for iQuote. Features of the group include:

  • Frequent updates on iQuote
  • Discussions on iQuote development
  • iQuote technical support
  • Information points
  • Direct communication from

We look forward to welcoming you to the iQuote User Group on LinkedIn, and building effective relations with our valued customers and users of iQuote.

iQuote User Group on LinkedIn:

For further information on iQuote and Web Site:  Blog:


Web & Blog: Consolidated !

September 24, 2009

Web Site Screen Grab for Blog

The new Web Site now incorporates our Blog. If you are reading this you are either on our WordPress site or you are on the Web Site. Previously we had a Web Site and we had a Blog – both separate sites albeit linked by a single hyperlink. What we wanted was to use WordPress to create, manage and search engine optimise our Blogs, but display them on the Web Site.

This seems like such a common requirement however when we looked into it we realised that not many people do this and therefore there wasn’t a great deal of information about how to achieve it. Undaunted Dan has worked out a solution and now when a Blog is published on WordPress it is pulled into SQL and re-published in a window off the Web Site Home Page. Within a few minutes.

What a brilliant way of keeping what is effectively a Brochure Web Site current and fresh! We’re really pleased with the results and the flexibility it provides for our customers. What’s more if you would like to have this same capability we’re available to help you: