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HP ProLiant DL165G7 Live in iQuote

June 4, 2010

The first of the G7s on iQuote and another AMD Server Range added to iQuote. This will be the first of many G7 Servers that will be added to iQuote in June 2010. There are a couple of final tweaks to be made on fans and memory but this is more than functional !

New DL165G7 Models Added (all BTO/A Model SKUs):

590261-421 (-001)
590260-421 (-001)
590259-421 (-001)
590258-421 (-001)


HP ProLiant DL165G6 Live in iQuote

June 3, 2010

AMD Server Range added to iQuote. We’ve added this range to iQuote today although the server model has been around for a while. It means that we have a complete range of DL Servers unless someone tells us otherwise. Which is the point. When we are planning the addition of new systems we will prioritise based on user requests. The easiest way to do that is through the omni-present Feedback function at the bottom of the iQuote page.

New DL165G6 Models Added (all BTO/A Model SKUs):