PowerQuote June 2019 Release – FAQ for Hosts

FAQ for Hosts

On Tuesday 18th June 2019 channelcentral is releasing a new “Build” of PowerQuote. The Build will move from to

What is changing?

  1. This is a major release which includes:
  • The ability to Save Quotes so that they can be re-opened later (in case the customer doesn’t buy immediately or for use as local templates). Users can also mark Saved Quotes as Favorites.
  • The introduction of a Master Basket so that more than one System Unit type can be stored against a single quote.
  • Additional sort and filter functions and more intuitive option classification.
  • Improved application performance in all areas.
  • Seamless to the majority of users, the Call Center workflow is also much improved, allowing Call Center reps to send actionable emails to Resellers.
  • Cosmetic changes throughout to make the application slicker and more intuitive.


Question: Is the release optional or can I stay with the previous release?

Answer: The release is not optional, it replaces the existing release.


Question: Are any functions no longer available?

Answer: There aren’t any features that have been removed, although quotes don’t automatically save now – which mostly impacts statistics.


Question: What is the difference between a ‘Master Basket’ and a ‘Sub Basket’?

Answer: When a user clicks to configure a System Unit it creates a Sub Basket. When that Sub Basket is Saved, a Master Basket is created. It allows the user to create multiple Sub Baskets and group them to create a single order or export.


Question: What should I do if I can’t work out how to do something?

Answer: Please refer to the PowerQuote User Guide which has been updated to include the new features.


Question: Does the IT Integration change due to the New Release?


  1. No, but to take full advantage of the Application and the Call Center integration, ensure that you have deployed:
  2. Deep Linking from your Web Store
  3. Add to Cart (including multiple config support).
  4. Proxy login to allow a Reseller to edit a quote from a hyperlink.


Question: What’s in the next release?

Answer: A major release isn’t planned, but one item that’s been asked for repeatedly is sorting and filtering on Stock Levels (Inventory). This was deferred due to the complexity of integrating stock into these functions, when we fetch that in real-time in the application.


Question: Is this different to PowerQuote 2.0?

Answer: PowerQuote 2.0 was a name that Dell used to describe this release however as you can see from the Build Numbers the actual version of the software will be It’s the same functionality as Dell described when they used the term 2.0.


Question: What happens if the release ‘goes bad’?

Answer: We can roll the application back to the previous Build. Clearly any Saved Quotes won’t be available. The amount of testing on this Build has been extensive so we think a roll back is unlikely.


Question: How do I get support?

Answer: Via the feedback form within the application. If the application is not available, please email support@channelcentral.net.

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