channelcentral launches new interactive BI dashboards in its CPQ applications

channelcentral is delighted to launch its new, interactive BI Reporting Dashboards in its Configure Price Quote (CPQ) applications from February 2021.  For periods of three, six or 12 months, Admin Users of channelcentral CPQ applications can run BI views and reports to show utilization, breadth, pitch rates and top users. This BI Reporting Dashboard is interactive, available at any time and complements six-monthly reporting that is already sent to hosts each month.  The BI Reporting Dashboard is displayed on screen and now also available in pdf download, in addition to csv and xlsx.

channelcentral is committed to demonstrating Return on Investment with its services, and the improved reporting dashboard offers subscribers further opportunities to monitor and drive utilization and attach rates.  The  BI Reporting Dashboard also includes Top User reporting by individual user or company.

The new, improved  BI Reporting Dashboard is available to any admin user of an instance. Most Hosts have one or two Admin Users, but this can be increased if an additional individual in the Host organization wishes to access reporting information.

To support Hosts in optimizing their use of the  BI Reporting Dashboard, channelcentral will be hosting webinars to guide Project Sponsors and Admin Users on getting the most out of the improved facility. These webinars will be available for individual Hosts and group sessions for Hosts with instances of in more than one country.

Utilization Dashboard 


BI Reporting via Email 

Key points:

  1. Customers who receive BI Reports via email can now Opt-Out, as they can self-generate stats provided they have an Admin User Login.
  2. Mailing of single country BI Reports will be fully automated.
  3. Roadmap to provide multi-country BI Reports (for Framework Customers) in CY 2021.

Data Table Reporting via Email 

Key points:

  1. Customers who receive these via email can now Opt-Out, as they can self-generate stats, provided they have an Admin User Login.
  2. Data Table reports are currently not available to all Hosts, so this enhancement takes coverage to 100% of Hosts.

Top Users Dashboard 

Reports Dashboard 


What is changing in channelcentral CPQ applications?
We’ve created in-application BI Reporting Dashboard to contain useful information for Hosts. The new dashboard reporting tool is interactive, includes reporting on utilization and users, and offers exporting options.

What reporting is available in the BI Reporting Dashboard? 

Two report areas: 

  1. Utilization:   numbers of quotes created, value of quotes created, user mix of quotes created (internal/external), company breadth, user breadth and pitch rate averages.
  2. User:  top users (company and individual) by new quotes or quote value.

How can the reports be filtered?
The BI Reporting dashboard for utilization allows filtering by periods and internal/external users.  Top User reporting now has a new view available, by new quotes/quote value.

What periods can I report on in the new BI Reporting dashboard?
All utilization reports can run for the last full three, six or 12 calendar months, e.g.  if you run the previous three months in the middle of April, you will receive a report for the whole of January, February and March of the same year)

How detailed are reports?
Reports can be selected as ‘Summary’ with graphical information or ‘Detailed’, containing user activity and can be very large spreadsheets depending on your utilization.

Who at my organization can access the BI Reporting dashboard?
Each instance has one or more Admin Users.  Only Admin Users have access to the BI Reporting Dashboard.  If you need another individual at your organization to have access, we can make them an Admin User.  Please use the Feedback form in the application to request this.

Will I still receive monthly BI Reports by email?
Yes. BI reports by email will not be affected.  If you already received the BI Reports each month, this will continue, unless you opt out.

In which formats can the BI Report Dashboard export?
Reporting can be exported in data form (.xlsx, .csv) or graphical form (.pdf).

I want to know more about the improved BI Reporting Dashboard.  What other support can you provide?
channelcentral will be hosting webinars free-of-charge to individual Hosts to support Project Sponsors and Admin Users on optimizing the information available in the BI Reporting Dashboard.  Hosts that have instances in more than one country can arrange a group session. Email marketing@channelcentral.net to request a support webinar for your stakeholders and users.

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