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HP iQuote Utilization January 2013

January 25, 2013

Record breaking HP iQuote Weekly Stats. Approaching 1200 unique users per week fast – double the number in Jan 2012. HP iQuote also broke through the 6000 New Quotes in a week barrier as well (over 50% up on Jan 2012). Saved and Exported quotes are also at an all time high.

Thank you all for using HP iQuote.


HP iQuote Distributor Benefits

January 2, 2013

Happy New Year. A good opportunity to remind HP Authorized Distributors of some of the benefits of deploying HP iQuote:

  • Free up skilled resource to work on larger opportunities.
  • Fewer basic sales errors leading to returns (cost) and dissatisfaction.
  • Quicker Turn Around Time for Quotations.
  • Ease of business improvements allowing customers to self-quote.
  • Run more effective sales campaigns through SPIF and Banner Advertising functions.
  • Improve "Pitch Rate" to drive more Options Attach.
  • Show inventory to Sales/Customers to focus on moving inventory faster.
  • Stop paying staff/agencies to maintain Sales Cheat Sheets and Sales Tools.
  • Consistent tool across multiple HP Business Units/Products.

If you are interested in HP iQuote please visit


HP iQuote Users on the increase

October 3, 2012

The HP iQuote User Count Record set in September 2012 has already been broken by only the 3rd day of October 2012. 752 users in a week achieved on week preceding 20 September 2012. 765 users in a week achieved 3 October 2012. In October 2011 it was a mere 400 per week. Great to have all of these new users on HP iQuote.


HP iQuote Functions July 2012

August 10, 2012

HP iQuote users are using some of the newer features more and more. We tracked the following trends in June/July 2012:

  • Searching for Options: 4220 (June was 3700) searches.
  • Intelligent Searches (from Banner Adverts or Validation Notes): 278 (June was 170).
  • System Finder: 216 (June was 150).

Using the above features makes HP iQuote more powerful and quicker to use. So we’re delighted that our user community is adopting them. Clicks on Banner Adverts (Emulex) and Exports to QuoteWerks also increased month on month.


HP iQuote June/July 2012 Utilization

August 9, 2012

A catch-up on global utilization for HP iQuote based on New Quotes generated. Overall a steady couple of months….thank you for your continued support.

June 2012 (17,764 New Quotes)
AMS region narrowly edged utilization with 50.3% of New Quotes. Overall Reseller-generated quotes increased in terms of share to 34.5% (May 2012: 32.6%).


July 2012 (18,845 New Quotes)
EMEA led quote volume with 54.2%. Reseller-generated quotes climbed again to 38.6%.



HP iQuote: May 2012 in Statistics

June 7, 2012

A review of last month’s figures. Well Europe accounted for 52% of New Quote volume so Americas was 48%. Here’s what else happened:

  • 770 Unique Companies accessed HP iQuote with an average of 2 Users per Company.
  • 19,267 New Quotes, 5592 Saved Quotes, 2925 Fully Exported (excludes Copy to Clipboard).
  • Saved Quote value was $38.4M, Exported $15.7M and nearly $1.4M were sent to Hosts as orders from HP iQuote directly.

Lastly, Distributor staff remain the bulk of utilisation but Reseller staff is a growing segment. Some HP use and very new: End Users accessing HP iQuote.



HP iQuote Management Console Benefits

May 30, 2012

7 Reasons why Admin Users should check out the Management Console. In no particular order:

  1. You can set up your own internal users.
  2. If you have deployed Clones you can view activity.
  3. Pitch Rate by User – see who’s hot and who’s not at adding HP Options.
  4. Download option compatibility by SKU with popularity ranking. Also available as a Web Service.
  5. View general throughput data.
  6. If a member of staff leaves or is off work the Admin/Manager can retrieve any quote.
  7. For Pan Country Hosts we can add links to “level up” reports. So we don’t have to provide a different Management console.

And 3 more Reasons coming this year:

  1. Set your own Clones up.
  2. Banner Advert upload.
  3. For Hosts with an Integrated or Universal HP iQuote Instance we’ll extend the reporting to include that.

HP iQuote now supports QuoteWerks

March 2, 2012

If you use QuoteWerks to manage your quotes and proposals check out the integration with HP iQuote. Two ways to work:

  1. Use HP iQuote to generate your quotation with validation, then use the custom QuoteWerks XML export to simply paste the quotation into QuoteWerks.
  2. From within QuoteWerks import your HP iQuote quotation using our cool Web Service.

More information from QuoteWerks on the integration/partnership:

QuoteWerks and HP iQuote – Perfect Together.



January 2012: Record Breaking Month for HP iQuote

February 8, 2012

New Quotes statistics for January 2012 broke all previous records. A total of 16596 New Quotes were generated. 51% from Europe, 49% from Americas.

Jan Stats

Year on Year that’s 81% growth from January 2011 (9164). Plus it’s over 2300 more than any previous month. Thank you to all of our users.


How much does HP iQuote cost?

January 31, 2012

Here’s a useful guide to how little you could pay for HP iQuote. HP iQuote is a cloud application – here’s the commercial model.

Free Access
Many, many HP Partners use HP iQuote without paying for the service at all:

  • Any Authorized HP Distributor can access a free version of HP iQuote called “No-IT”.
  • Many Distributors offer Resellers free access to HP iQuote through their Web Stores or through our Universal/Clone Services.

The subscription for HP iQuote costs $800 per Month. Within that subscription there are free Banner Advertisements to generate margin for the Host. Given there are free versions why would a HP Distributor or Reseller pay the subscription and become a Host? The 2 main reasons are:

  1. To deploy a customer system a Distributor or Reseller must be a Host.
  2. To control the stock and price shown in HP iQuote you must be a Host.

HP Partners that operate in multiple countries can apply for Framework pricing and this will reduce the cost per country. Either way the Return on Investment is there.

Interested in HP iQuote (free version or subscription)?

$800 = €575 = £500 (other currency quotations on request).