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HP Gen9 Server Insights

December 16, 2014

See the new HP ProLiant Gen9 servers in 2 minute videos that provide front, inside and back views of these next generation servers along with their leading available options.

The HP QuickLook video series will show you the next generation view of the HP ProLiant ML350, DL160, DL180, DL360 and the DL380 Gen9 servers:

View HP QuickLook Videos.

HP QuickLook videos provide a simple way to provide an overview for your customer of the new servers when one is not available.  The videos are also useful for demonstrations, tradeshows or quick reviews with customers.

Have you taken a look at the Gen9 models in HP iQuote? Have a look today developed by


HP iQuote on show at Microsoft’s WPC

July 14, 2014

Booth #101.

WPCThe Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference is now on and we are delighted to say that our Configure, Price, Quote tool, HP iQuote is on show for all delegates to view.

Visit booth #101 which is the HP area of the exhibition and see all the latest technologies and solutions that HP has to offer including HP iQuote. Greg Starks from HP will be on the stand waiting to answer all of your questions on the tool and can give live demonstrations to show how HP iQuote can help grow your Channel business.

For more information on the Microsoft WPC visit

To access HP iQuote please visit


Changes to EMEA Microsoft ROK Auto Add

March 5, 2013

HP iQuote now automatically offers Microsoft Windows Server 2012 versions against HP ProLiants. We’ve had this function for a while now based on older versions so this is just a refresh.

Windows Server 2012 a

Remember it’s easy to change from the default offering: just remove from the Basket/Cart and then browse or search for the full range of Microsoft Server Operating Systems from HP.

HP Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Auto Add only operates in EMEA.


HP iQuote at Microsoft WPC

July 12, 2012

HP is presenting HP iQuote at the Microsoft World Partner Conference 2012. Greg Starks is there with HP iQuote on the booth plus there are some specific sessions Greg is running. This picture speaks volumes:


Remember that if you are building SMB solutions from HP and Microsoft: HP iQuote is absolutely ideal !


Microsoft ROK Auto-Add Extended in Europe

January 31, 2012

BTO (A Model) Servers now have Microsoft ROK Auto-Add. As of February 1st 2012 the very popular Microsoft ROK Auto-Add function has been extended from Top Value/Golden Offers Servers to BTO (A Model) Servers.


The way Auto-Add in HP iQuote works is that the most appropriate or popular Microsoft Operating System is automatically added to the Basket/Cart. It can be removed and replaced really easily. It has been proven to increase the number of times these options are quoted per server (Pitch Rate). It operates in the following countries: UK, IE, FR, DE, IT, NL, BE, CY, ES, PT, NO, PL, SE, ZA.

If you have any feedback on this function, or any other HP iQuote function please use the Feedback Form within HP iQuote.


HP iQuote More Banner Ad Functions

October 5, 2011

Further improvements to the way Banner Advertising displays and functions. There are many actions that are supported by Banner Adverts and for the user it is not always clear what clicking the advert will do. So now we are starting to incorporate “hover text” with each new advert. E.g. Click Here to view Supported Options.

PrintBanner Adverts in HP iQuote can launch a new Quote, link to a page/PDF/App and open an Option Category. New to HP iQuote is a function that can search for text/parts and display the results – so an auto-search function. This is very powerful as HP iQuote Users can see a relevant option, click and add in seconds.

Example: if you want to see Microsoft ROK SKUs click on the ROK Advert (above) and HP iQuote will do the search for parts that contain ROK. If you already have Microsoft ROK in the Basket/Cart the advert won’t display. As part of this specific adverts the Development Team also limited the results to a specific number of options.

“If Marketing has one goal, it’s to reach consumers at the moments that most influence their decisions.”

Remember if you are an HP iQuote User: Banner Adverts in HP iQuote do things that save time !


Microsoft Windows MultiPoint Server 2011 now on iQuote

September 5, 2011

HP has launched Microsoft Windows MultiPoint Server as a ROK (Reseller Option Kit). The Premium version is already in iQuote for you to quote – here is the part number:

660489-B21  Windows MultiPoint Server 2011 Premium ROK

Really useful information can be located here:

About Microsoft Windows MultiPoint
It enables multiple local stations to be connected to one computer so that several users can share one computer at the same time, which enables each user to perform independent work or a group activity. Previous versions could only be purchased if you had access to education channels. Key benefits of Windows MultiPoint Server 2011 are as follows:

Broad Client Support:

  • Introduction of LAN option provides ability to connect PCs, thin clients, and network monitors.
  • Support for both low-cost locally created stations and conventional thin clients

Easiest Setup Management:

  • Day-to-day use designed for non-IT
  • Easy setup and system management
  • Domain join capability
  • Pros across multiple servers
  • Powershell and Hyper-V support for admins

Desktop Orchestration:

  • Rich set of built-in features enables administrator to easily monitor and control stations
  • Exercise command and control over the environment by monitoring and interacting with station thumbnails

ISV Extensibility:

  • Quick links to other applications can be set up in MultiPoint Manager
  • Shares the Windows Server Solutions SDK with Small Business Server 2011
  • Leverage existing controls or create from scratch with WPF

iQuote EMEA HP Golden Ticket Incentive Winners Day #8

July 22, 2011

Wednesday 20th of July we ran the eighth HP Golden Ticket Incentive for HP EMEA Partners this time with FOUR possible winners. To enter an iQuote User had to save or export a quote with 10 or more Qualified Options or Services attached (pitched). An additional bonus entry was available for HP UPS quotes on the day. Lots of qualifying quotes and the winners were:

Nostra Systems in Ireland (HP Reseller)
IT Service Link (HP Reseller)

Each will be receiving a prize plus a quality iQuote Expert mug.

Golden Ticket News
An new Golden Ticket Incentive is being discussed for August but no more Golden Ticket Days this quarter…


iQuote EMEA HP Golden Ticket Incentive Winners Day #7

July 20, 2011

Tuesday 19th of July we ran the seventh HP Golden Ticket Incentive for HP EMEA Partners this time with FOUR possible winners. To enter an iQuote User had to save or export a quote with 10 or more Qualified Options or Services attached (pitched). An additional bonus entry was available for HP UPS quotes on the day. Lots of qualifying quotes and the winners were:

Darren from Azlan
Chris from Westcoast
Dean from DPS Telecoms (HP Reseller)

Each will be receiving a prize plus a quality iQuote Expert mug.

Golden Ticket #8
In our Monster Golden Ticket week we’ll be announcing another 4 Winners on the 21st of July 2011 !!

More Golden Ticket Days in iQuote coming soon (the banners on the site turn Gold).


HP Golden Ticket Days #7 & #8 coming soon

July 18, 2011

To help you squeeze every possible Sales out of HP Quarter End: Tuesday 19th & Wednesday 20th of July 2011 are the next HP Golden Ticket Days and there will be FOUR Winners on each day. The advanced notification is to provide time for our iQuote Distributors to communicate the Incentive to their iQuote Users but also their Reseller customers that use iQuote.

Same rules apply: earn a first HP Golden Ticket entry by Saving or Exporting a quote with 10 options/services. Earn a bonus HP Golden Ticket if you’ve quoted a HP UPS in any quote on the same day. Your HP Golden Tickets are entered into a draw at 10PM CET on the 20th & 21st. Winners are contacted the next day. We’ve already had TWELVE Winners from the previous GT Days. Good luck !