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What is Configure Price Quote (CPQ)?

September 9, 2021

CPQ software allows users to efficiently configure complex products, price them, create a quotation, and build a compatible product basket for purchase.

A CPQ tool has built-in product validation rules, pricing, promotions, and stock available in real-time.

CPQ applications are used by sales teams, channel partner sales teams and eCommerce sites.

A well-designed CPQ tool achieves many benefits for sellers and buyers.

  • A better, faster and consistent CX, making transacting organisations easier to do business with.
  • Increase deal sizes by cross-selling/up-selling with auto-add and recommended options.
  • Eliminates errors, reducing costly customer returns.
  • Creates a competitive edge with the speed and accuracy at creating quotes, compared to other sellers.
  • Frees up sales staff to work on solving customer problems and on larger, more profitable deals.

A CPQ tool increases sales and improve your customer experience.