CPQ Application B2B Marketing Opportunities with Banners The Right Tool For The Right Job

July 15, 2021

Successful marketing reaches the required target audience in their buying journey;  the right message in the right place at the right time.  From awareness to purchase,  generating sales conversion is having the right communication and requiring minimal effort from the buyer.  Utilizing banners in a Configure Price Quote (CPQ) application can significantly contribute to a holistic marketing campaign or tactical promotion.

Marketing mix

Once marketing planners have devised their strategy and campaign plan, existing and potential customers are segmented into groups, generally characterized by their needs.  Targeting the chosen group or audience with a communications message is usually achieved by a ‘marketing mix’; a carefully planned mixture of media, such as advertising, public relations, digital marketing and exhibitions.

Decision-making process

A mixture of marketing communications media is typically used to support a buyer through the buying decision-making process, commonly known as AIDA (Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action).

Using social media will raise awareness of a product or brand, as will display advertising. Newsletters, paid searches and search engine optimization (SEO) will support interest and desire in a product or service.  Email marketing is used to drive decisions, often combined with promotions. Forrester states that strategically placed banner ads relating to content can bring targeted buyers to your website.1

How banners work

Banners are placed within a Host’s CPQ application to display on all or selected pages – Home, Browsing or Configuring.  An ‘impression’ for the banner is recorded each and every time it is displayed on a user’s screen.  The ‘click action’, the action generated when a user clicks on the banner, can take them to a designated URL or load a set of pre-defined SKUs into their quote basket.

Promote action where the action is required

A banner displayed in a CPQ application is in a focussed buying environment:  a user or viewer of the banner ad already has awareness, interest and desire for such products.  A CPQ application tool that integrates to an eCommerce platform is the perfect medium to convert desire to action, allowing users to seamlessly update their shopping cart with a pre-configured discount bundle by simply clicking on a banner ad.

As part of a more extensive integrated marketing campaign with the same consistent branding, a banner displayed in the application will generate a higher level of recognition and trust for the target audience.  Furthermore, a focused campaign is likely to bring down costs and increase revenue for the advertiser.

To find out more about CPQ application banner advertising email marketing@channelcentral.net

Forrester Blog, The Red Kettle Campaign: An Inspiration For Digital Changes To Demand Programs, Rani Salehi, Principal Analyst, DEC 14 2020

Watch the video summary here:

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