#BackToTheFuture with CPQ Software

October 21, 2015

#BackToTheFuture didn’t predict a world where there is software developed for Sales Teams that would Configure, Price, and Quote.

A world where efficiencies are maximised, revenues doubled and workload is halved!

Did your sales team make it into the future or are you still using spread sheets and taking too long to get quotes out of the door?

Configure, Price, Quote Software is a Sales tool designed to help companies produce accurate, configured quotes in the most efficient way possible. A CPQ tool makes configuring complex products, common in the IT Industry, easy. The tool has built in product validation rules, pricing, promotions and stock which are available in real-time. Sales Teams can have everything they need at their fingertips to both shorten the Quote-to-Order cycle but also free up the valuable resource which is your Technical Support team. Download our Whitepaper ‘Increasing Revenue and Reducing Workload with a CPQ Tool’.

CPQ Software is the core of channelcentral business. We offer bespoke developments or off-the-shelf CPQ solutions all focussed on the IT Channel and Technology Sector to help improve efficiencies in your Sales Teams .

Contact channelcentral today and discuss how CPQ Software can bring you and your sales teams into the future!

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