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HP Gen9 Server Insights

December 16, 2014

See the new HP ProLiant Gen9 servers in 2 minute videos that provide front, inside and back views of these next generation servers along with their leading available options.

The HP QuickLook video series will show you the next generation view of the HP ProLiant ML350, DL160, DL180, DL360 and the DL380 Gen9 servers:

View HP QuickLook Videos.

HP QuickLook videos provide a simple way to provide an overview for your customer of the new servers when one is not available.  The videos are also useful for demonstrations, tradeshows or quick reviews with customers.

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What is your Quote-to-Order Strategy?

December 9, 2014

Do you even have one? So many of our customers are stuck in the same old processes they have used for years, but now is the time to change.

Why is a Quote-to-Order Strategy important?

Being experienced in the channel, channelcentral gets many requests for help to improve efficiencies in Distribution for configuring complex products but very few of our customers actually know the answer to the question we are asking today. It’s because they don’t have a strategy. By putting one in place however, you will instantly see the positive impact it can have on your business:

  • Consistent approach so staff and customers have set expectations.
  • Improved accuracy – quote it Right, First Time!
  • Improved Security – Less risk of losing data as quotes are stored in the cloud.
  • Improved product information.
  • Instant growth in the number of quotations.
  • Reduced overheads.
  • Faster quote turnaround time.
  • Ability to quote anywhere either through your browser or a Smartphone App.
  • Increase in revenue!

Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it?! The great news is, it really is quite simple.
By considering a Configure/ Price/ Quote (CPQ) service as part of your Quote-to-Order Strategy you could be reaping the rewards sooner than you think. Why not contact channelcentral today to discuss your strategy and how we can help with a cost effective solution?



What is Memristor?

December 8, 2014

Not quite as exciting as a new Transformer, but almost!

Memristor is a tech term that you will hear more over the next couple of years from HP. Faster than DRAM with the permanence of Flash and the storage density greater than disk. Could it be used as storage or memory? The answer to both is yes! Amazing though it sounds, swapping IONs at the atomic level will facilitate the creation of multi TB of storage that is no bigger than 3 stacked Smartphones. Watch this space.

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Join our HP iQuote Community!

December 4, 2014

Did you know HP iQuote Users have their own community on LinkedIn?

The LinkedIn HP iQuote User Group has been set-up as an online community for users of HP iQuote.

What is it for?

  • Product release updates – be the first to know availability!
  • Software updates – we’ll tell you about new features and how to make the most of them!
  • Knowing where to find us – we’ll update you on customer service news and where we’ll be demonstrating the latest software.
  • Discussions – we encourage all customers to have open discussions about the HP iQuote tool, new HP products, top tips etc.

Why should you join?

It’s quite simple really… You can be the first to know all things ‘HP iQuote’!

Join today at:


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HP iQuote Distributor Benefits

December 3, 2014

A reminder for HP Authorized Distributors of some of the benefits of deploying HP iQuote.

  • Free up skilled resource to work on larger opportunities.
  • Fewer basic sales errors leading to returns (cost) and dissatisfaction.
  • Quicker Turn Around Time for Quotations.
  • Ease of business improvements allowing customers to self-quote.
  • Run more effective sales campaigns through SPIF and Banner Advertising functions.
  • Improve “Pitch Rate” to drive more Options Attach.
  • Show inventory to Sales/Customers to focus on moving inventory faster.
  • Stop paying staff/agencies to maintain Sales Cheat Sheets and Sales Tools.
  • Consistent tool across multiple HP Business Units/Products.

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