HP iQuote March 2014 Stats

April 4, 2014

And they are looking good!
It’s been a while since we updated you all on the quote volumes by regions and country so we thought you might be interested to read these! It is fair to say, you have all been busy in the last month.

Regional Statistics
Percentage of total new quotes generate in HP iQuote in March 2014 split into the following regions:

AMS 41.53%
APJ 0.22%
EMEA 58.25%

Country Statistics
The top 10 countries based on new quotes generated were as follows:

US          12219 (USA)
UK          11108 (United Kingdom)
ES           3427 (Spain)
FR           2391 (France)
DE           2080 (Germany)
IT            1567 (Italy)
CL           1442 (Chile)
PE           1398 (Peru)
CA          1282 (Canada)
CO          1051 (Colombia)

Thank you to all of our customers for your continued support and usage of HP iQuote. If you have any questions or feedback on HP iQuote or would like any training to help you make the most of the tool please email interested@channelcentral.net.

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