HP iQuote now offers self-service Clones

January 27, 2014

Hosts that deploy Clones can now create them using the Admin Portal. Clones are a simple way for a Host to provide a free copy of HP iQuote to each individual customer. The site is identical to the Host’s own HP iQuote except it includes the Host’s margin. The Clone has complete autonomy over user access, the only restriction being that users must have the same email domain(s). For example, a Distributor may provide Clones to its Reseller customers individually.


Historically Hosts had to request Clones via email and it was a manual process. Now simply add them via the Admin Panel.

In addition, a point of detail – if the Host provides 2 prices in their data feed the Clones can now be based on either price.

If you have any feedback on this new feature please also use the Feedback link in HP iQuote or visit the HP iQuote User Group on LinkedIn.

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