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HP iQuote ProLiant Finder Now Live

August 29, 2012

We’ve extended the PPS Finder across to HP ProLiant. If you know what specification you want (technology, price, in stock etc.) but are not sure of the best fit HP ProLiant server range then the HP iQuote ProLiant Finder is for you !

ProLiant Finder

Simply use the filters on the left to reduce the number of systems to less than about 50 and the appropriate products will display in the right hand pane. You see a graphic plus a short spec table. Once you’ve chosen your perfect ProLiant simply click to load in HP iQuote.

As always we welcome your feedback to help us improve – use the feedback form.


HP iQuote Functions July 2012

August 10, 2012

HP iQuote users are using some of the newer features more and more. We tracked the following trends in June/July 2012:

  • Searching for Options: 4220 (June was 3700) searches.
  • Intelligent Searches (from Banner Adverts or Validation Notes): 278 (June was 170).
  • System Finder: 216 (June was 150).

Using the above features makes HP iQuote more powerful and quicker to use. So we’re delighted that our user community is adopting them. Clicks on Banner Adverts (Emulex) and Exports to QuoteWerks also increased month on month.


HP iQuote June/July 2012 Utilization

August 9, 2012

A catch-up on global utilization for HP iQuote based on New Quotes generated. Overall a steady couple of months….thank you for your continued support.

June 2012 (17,764 New Quotes)
AMS region narrowly edged utilization with 50.3% of New Quotes. Overall Reseller-generated quotes increased in terms of share to 34.5% (May 2012: 32.6%).


July 2012 (18,845 New Quotes)
EMEA led quote volume with 54.2%. Reseller-generated quotes climbed again to 38.6%.