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HP iQuote PPS Finder Improved – Again

July 30, 2012

We’ve put live some further changes to the PPS System Finder in HP iQuote. We think they make the process of finding the right Desktop, Workstation or Laptop even easier.

  • You can now select multiple different values against Hard Disks, Memory or Form Factor – so if you want a Desktop with 4GB or 8GB of RAM, and a 160GB or 250GB Solid State Drive, four clicks will get you there.
  • If you absolutely need the highest performance machines, there is now a single-click filter to see HP Workstations only
  • On instances of HP iQuote that feature stock, System Finder results now include the actual inventory numbers, instead of true/false

HP iQuote at Microsoft WPC

July 12, 2012

HP is presenting HP iQuote at the Microsoft World Partner Conference 2012. Greg Starks is there with HP iQuote on the booth plus there are some specific sessions Greg is running. This picture speaks volumes:


Remember that if you are building SMB solutions from HP and Microsoft: HP iQuote is absolutely ideal !