HP iQuote v1.9: iLO Management

April 6, 2012

Major improvements to the way iLO Management is handled in HP iQuote. If an iLO enabled ProLiant server is sold, but with no iLO software, the customer will miss out on some of the coolest, time-saving management features. If you manage their network, then you are also missing out. So it is important that HP iQuote highlights the options: something we have done in HP iQuote v1.9:

  1. There is a NEW entry in the Spec Table called Management and this will tell you the iLO version plus whether Insight Control is included or not. If not you can simply link from the Spec Table to supported options.
  2. We’ve added Validation to iLO. If Insight Control is not included, but there is an iLO you get a Blue Warning. Click on that and again you can link to the supported options. Once added the Blue Warning turns Green. If the system ships with Insight Control the Validation Notes item is Green anyway.

iLO 1Customers that deploy HP ProLiant’s Management Tools are far more likely to continue to purchase HP ProLiant servers, which are mostly sold via the Channel so that’s good. This helps boost your revenue and margin plus you can wrap services around iLO and Insight Control.  Also if you manage your customer’s networks, have iLO Advanced or Insight Control on the server can save you time and money by eliminating site visits and enabling more complete remote management.

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